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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Zodiac Killer 340Cipher/Map Locations Revealed aka the Golf Connection

The Zodiac Killer Enigma
The Zodiac Killer Enigma

This page is part of 

The Phillips 66 Map Locations

    While reading this, it is important to remember that this project was about doing things in real-time. We didn't put all of this together and then write an article. When we made a discovery, we would explore it. This was all done in real-time with many people as witnesses and posted. We mention this because since this project was done, we have learned a lot more. Remember, this is about asking questions and exploring possibilities. Our work revolves around the codes and not a person of interest. We encourage others to apply our work to their own and see if it might bear fruit for them. We also encourage others to read some of our more updated articles or books for more context and conclusions. Two things we are confident about are that the bomb drawings and codes are meant to work with the map and in some cases as physical overlays and that golf does have something kind of bearing in this mystery. As we have said many times, our hope is that people find our work interesting and useful to their own. To find out how we came to all of this, we have documented the story in our other articles. we are currently in the process of making updates to the entire site. Enjoy guys, and give it hell.

The Locations Found in the Zodiac 340/map overlay

by Randall Scott Clemons

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The Phillips 66 Map sent by the Zodiac Killer

I have to post a section about scale on each post about the overlays so no one will miss it and get confused. I have a section about it on the main page. 

     I compared the scale of the letters, bomb drawings, the Phillips 66 map, and the Zodiac 340 code. My scale is dead on. The key on the map says 1 inch = 6 miles. The police rulers on the letters ore 1 inch. The scale on the bottom of the 340 is 3 inches. Here is an example of each below. 

    I also provided proof of scale with the original overlays with the print out examples. I am only going to post one example here. I have a full section about it on the main page. Here are the map and the bomb diagram that matches the highway and I used to find the message in the 340 side by side.

1 inch = 6 miles. The scale is dead on. 

The Locations Found in 340/map overlay 

The Phillips 66 Map Locations Revealed
a.k.a. The Golf Connection

Some are going to read this and say, "Why would someone like the Zodiac Killer go through all of this trouble to tell us he likes golf". Don't look at it like that.  It is a fact that three of the known attacks happened near golf courses.

     He gave us locations on a map. What happened at these places? Who knows, but something did. One thing all of the places marked on the map have in common is that all of them have golf courses. It just seems to me that a serial killer would do his hunting in the areas he liked to hang out. If he liked to hang out at golf courses all the time, then those would probably be the neighborhoods he "did his thing" in. 

Every single possibility needs to be investigated. 

Here is a section from one of the 408 cipher letters sent to the San Francisco Chronicle.

                                  The Zodiac himself brings attention to golf in the first letter he sent.
                                   He wouldn't have bothered mentioning it if it wasn't important.

          You have two sets of locations on the map. The dots the Zodiac symbols. The dots reveal a pattern of golf courses. It is a fact that every known Zodiac murder except for the Hartnell/Shepard attack happened beside of a golf course.You could say that this is just because they're so many golf courses in the area ,and I could say bullshit. The odds of it fall beyond coincidence.Ask any police officer or investigator what they think about coincidence. They do say that in the criminal world there is some level of coincidence. I think the locations on this map were the locations of places he planned to commit murders and if it had been figured out  in time then these murders might have been able to be prevented. That is just an idea, but I am willing to bet murders or kidnappings occurred at these places. I wish I could  find out. Maybe one day some investigator will find out. Other than that..I think that the locations marked on this map are the places  he liked to hang out. I think this is a murder map. I don't think it has anything to do with bombs. He mentioned bombs for several reasons. The main reason is to make sure people  payed these letters, codes, and drawings special attention. One interesting thing though. One of the areas highlighted on the map that is marked "string of bombs" Is a naval armaments depot. A place were bombs would be stored.

                                                                 The Murder Map

        Below is an example of the map with all 13 locations marked and a screenshot of Google earth side by side for comparison. 1.2.3 are in Vallejo and Lake Herman Rd.

       Maps today are a lot more accurate, but it still matched up a lot better than I thought it would.


                      Here is a screenshot of Google Earth with the locations plotted and labeled.

                                                          1. The San Francisco Golf Club

                                                          2. The Crystal Springs Golf course

                                                          3. San Mateo

                                                          4. The Fremont/Parkway Golf course

                                                          5. Mission Hills Golf course

                                                          6. The intersection in Pleasanton, Ca right on a store called the                                                                    Golf Mart. I am doing more research on this.

                                                          7. Mt. Diablo.... used for the overlay alignment

                                                          8. Boundary Oaks Golf course

                                                          9. Diablo Hills Golf course

                                                         10. Diablo Creek Golf course and Naval war memorial

                                                         11 - 13. Lake Herman Road murder site, Blue Rock                                                                                 Springs Golf course, and Vallejo. 11 - 13 are all                                                                                        connected.

                                                     (14). Paul Stine was murdered at the Presidio Golf course                                                                              which is practically within throwing distance of the                                                                                 corner at Washington and Cherry Streets.

 I will go through each of these places and supply a close-up shot and a little information on each
place. I also show examples of the ages of these locations.

                                                        1. The San Francisco Golf Club

                  1. The San Francisco Golf Club

                                                       It has been around for 112 years.

                                                          2. Crystal Springs Golf Course

                                                       2. The Crystal Springs Golf Course

                 It has been around since 1924


3. San Mateo

3. San Mateo
This point falls on an intersection In San Mateo between 2 golf courses. Remember the San
Mateo Slasher and the Gypsy Hill Murders of 1976.

First on the list is The Peninsula Golf Club built-in 1911. It is right along the route the locations plot on the map. 

The Popular Creek Golf course

     If you Google unsolved murders near golf courses The San Mateo Slasher is one of the first that will pop up.  I would look for murders near each and every one of these places. It also tells us a lot about what kind of person he was and his class in society. In other words, he was probably born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I could be wrong about that. It is just an opinion. He could have been a soldier or someone who wanted to be in the military. Who knows? My research revolves around the codes, not a person of interest. I encourage everyone to apply my work to their own or their suspect. Who knows what kind of fruit it might bear? I try my best to make that clear to everyone. I only reference other things as examples.

Now that I am finished ranting, let's move on.

    The really interesting thing about this location is that is was found using an overlay that was a bomb drawing that was a threat against a school. It marks a school exactly, and I mean EXACTLY!! The school was there in 1969 and there is still a school there today. I have a post where I am investigating and researching the locations marked by this bomb drawing overlay in more detail. 

More investigation on all of this is needed, but I can only do so much and I can only do it in free time. 

4. The Fremont Golf Club

                                                          4. The Fremont Golf Club

       The Fremont Golf course opened in 2005 but,.....  the Parkway golf course was built in 1967.. It is in the same place.

Something else I want to post about the Lake in the photo. I have noticed a lot of these places have lakes also. 


                                                          5. Mission Hills Golf Course

                                                               5.Mission Hills Golf Course

     Some thought they had me here because Mission Hills only opened in 2006. tsk tsk. They never thought about what might have been there before then. In fact, there are many courses in this one little area in Rancho Mirage and have been since 1946. The tournament course was opened in 1970. The example below was taken from Wikipedia.

                                                        6. Intersection and Golf Mart

       I want you to look at the map and notice where this dot fell in the corner of that intersection. This is important because there is already a dot on the map in the position. The example below is a close up of this little red dot on the map.

         There is more on this on the main page.  This match between the map and 340 cipher overlay is more proof that the overlays are the correct way of working this. The dot on the 340 falls exactly on that red dot on the map. I didn't realize that when I first did the overlays. I just discovered it today 10-15-2014. I think one of the functions of this dot is meant to help with the alignment of these two documents in the overlay. Now I ask you ..what are the odds of a dot on the 340 cipher falling perfectly in the middle of the compass on the map and a second dot falling exactly over this little red dot on the map. Astronomical.  That being said below is what I found at this location at the present time. I will do more research to see what was there in the past just because there is no such thing as too much information. This dot and the Mt. Diablo dot I think were meant for the alignment of the documents. It could also be a location where a crime was committed.


6. I don't know what this is all about but it falls right on a golf store called the golf mart. I am
going to look into this more. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

                 For those of you that doubt this store really exists here it is in black and white.

    I am not saying that it has anything to do with this. I am just saying.. wow..that's wild. The Golf mart opened in 1986. I think the point was meant for the intersection. I will not say why here but you can find why on the main page. Still, that doesn't mean that something else important wasn't here in 1969. I would really like to know so I will keep working on that. This area is a big golf town and Zodiac sent a letter to the L.A. Times from this area with airmail written on it. That is funny because there is a golf course connected to the airport in this area. This area is important for a few reasons. More than I am saying. I am doing more research into this area. I have a lot of questions about it.

                                                         Also in this area

       Also, along this county line is where bombs were supposed to be planted. It is also a camping area. It could be nothing but I have to mention it because every possibility needs to be investigated.
      This was just a possibility of something I was looking into. Remember, I am listing all info and possibility in this research project. Still, this must be mentioned. The String of bombs is meant for a section of highway at the Diablo Creek Golf course. We have been in the process of updating the entire site. Read my article on the Secret of the Zodiac killer Schematic and it will make more sense and give more context.  To check it out, Click here.

                                                                    7. Mt. Diablo

                       7. Mt. Diablo.. I will also show a point on the map connecting to this golf course.


         The overlays give us 13 dots on the map.  From the 340, 5 from one bomb diagram and 2 from the other. 6+2+5=13. In this overlay, we get 10 but we are only interested in 5 because there are only 5 dots on the diagram. We are still not too sure how this diagram works, but we have found it can be folded. There is more about this in other articles we have done. Remember, this is about all of the possibilities. You really should read some of my other articles for more context. 


                                                         8. Boundary Oak Golf Course

                                                         8. Boundary Oak Golf course
                                                           This course opened in 1969.


                                                           9. Diablo Hills Golf Course

                                                       9. Diablo Hills Golf Course
        Built-in 1968 by the same man who built the golf course at Blue Rock Springs, Vallejo Ca.


        Some of these places may even have an older history. I will research that also when I get time.

                                       10. Naval War Memorial and Diablo Creek Golf Course

                                  10. The Naval Magazine War Memorial and Diablo Creek Golf Course
      This course was constructed in 1963. The string of bombs on the bomb diagram key also aligns with this area, See the main page for more on that.

    The other northern locations run through Vallejo and Lake Herman Road. Lake Herman Rd.
was the site of the Jensen/Faraday murders. Now I will show All the known Zodiac murder
sites and how they correspond to a golf course.

1. Jensen/Faraday crime scene
2. Ferrin/Magaeu crime scene
3. Paul Stine crime scene
4. Hartnell/Shepard crime scene
5. Cherri Bates crime scene
                                           He mentions the golf course in the very first letter he ever sent.

              The example below shows the relationship between the two known attack sites in Vallejo.(which should go without saying), and when I say golf course I mean golf course. You can clearly see the course in the example I supplied from Google Earth. The course may not have all looked like that in 69 , but it was still there. The older you get the more you will come to realize that 45 years isn't a really long time. Especially in the grand scheme of things. I know people that are still living that were in World War 2. I knew people from World War 1 who died not that long ago. I know a man who was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. I like listening to them tell me their stories. I was honored when I found out they would tell me things they wouldn't tell their own families. The stories I could tell you, but I can't.  Some of it was way more interesting than the Zodiac Killer.  You wouldn't believe the things I have seen myself. When you are young this stuff seems like ancient history, but when you get older, you realize it is more recent than you once believed. I like to talk guys. I try to keep from rambling.

1. Jensen/Faraday crime scene
2. Ferrin/Magaeu crime scene
                          Close up of Ferrin murder scene in the Blue Rock Springs parking lot.
                              You can see all the sand traps from the golf course in the photo.

                                       3. Paul Stine crime scene at Washington and Cherry
                        The Presidio Golf course is one of the oldest In the region. Google it.

                                     The Presidio golf course is practically across the street.

                  4. The Hartnell/Shepard crime scene. It is surrounded by golf courses.
              Golfing could have been the reason that brought him to this area that day.


5. The Cheri Bates Crime scene. Riverside City College Library. Also surrounded by golf
courses. Cheri Bates may or may not have been a Zodiac murder. Even if it was that same guy. I just put this here for the hell of it. Cheri Bates is a suspected (not confirmed) victim killed 3 years before the Zodiac murders.

       The bus bomb key that gives us locations and the secret message in the 340 code also has a golf symbol hidden in it. On a golf course you put the flag in the hole to use as a guide. In the codes you put the flag in the hole or on the dot to guide us to locations and a hidden message.

Also in the "peek through the pines" card he mentions the Sierra Club. This is also suggestive of a golf club.

                                            Now lets see what was at the point of origin on the map.

                                       It falls exactly on the Sequoyah Golf Club founded in 1913

       I want to point something out. This area is called Sequoia . Also spelled Sequoia is a type of giant redwood pine. According to that description, you just read this area is nestled among the Montery Pines and Redwoods.

              I wonder if he was they kind of guy to hang out country clubs, and golf courses and places like that. I bet that place had a gold course. I will have to check that out.

           What you all think of this is out of my hands. I did the best I could. Someone else may discover more. All I can do is show you what I found.

               A new article on DNA by Richard Grinnel. The noose may tighten no matter what happens.
                                                                Click below to read it .


 Is it possible that I made mistakes?

 Of course, it is, but there is a lot of things that can not be denied about the work I have done here.
Am I right or am I wrong? That is not up to me to decide. That is up to the authorities and other professionals. That is who this page was originally made for. I had to show the things I found, and I really didn't see any other way of doing it with everything I had to show and explain. I am not trying to cause controversy or upset anyone. Let me ask you, "Do you think I shouldn't have said anything about all of this? Do you think I should have kept it to myself?"  In the end, the world will make up its own mind.

"It doesn't matter what you do it is going to upset someone, so might as well not worry about it",  Rob O'Neill .. Navy Seal 2014

Thanks for the advice and my hats off to ya, Rob!!

Isn't it interesting that someone like him said that? Someone who has been trained to stay calm in high stress situations. Didn't the police say that the Zodiac had traits like that? I guess it would depend on what you consider to be a high stress situation because believe me.. different people find different things stressful.

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