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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Masonic Dot Codes and The Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac Killer Enigma
The Zodiac Killer Enigma

This article is a research project. We work in real-time with others watching and reading as we go along. We have built this entire site using this method.  When it is completed, we will present a polished finished article. Some times these take years to complete, but we are always working.

The Masonic Dot Code and The Zodiac Killer


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 If you came across this post by accident, we ask that you look at the rest of this site for more context.


            Solving the Zodiac codes all revolved around dots. The first step in the Zodiac "My Name is Cipher" is to guess the hint and decipher the phrase "Conect the dots". Connect is misspelled on purpose. It is also suggestive of your more common connect the dots puzzles enjoyed by everyone when they were children, among other things that we can not talk about. This article is about another group that had codes that revolved around dots. The Free Masons.  We will show you how the Masons used dot codes and show how the Zodiac utilized this same technique in his codes and ciphers. This should be pretty interesting. We will start with the card that came with the 340 ciphers and the Masonic "Pig Pen Cipher". This will also take a few sessions to complete as it is also a research project that will be polished and written into a finished article when completed. We work in real-time. We have two or three important things that we are working on. So, please be patient with us. 

                                           The 340 Pen card and the Pig Pen Cipher


     There are a few things on this card that we want to point out. The first of which is what the card itself says. I just washed my pen/ The very first time I saw this I said " Pig Pen". It wasn't till years later that I realized that actually was the clue. We can't be any more serious when we say that all the discoveries that we have made all happened by accident and chance. That is what got all of this started.

        Here is the key for the Pig Pen Cipher. Notice how they resemble dice. As in "par-a-dice".

     This is just one example of a Masonic dot code, and this one was applied in the 340 cipher. It was key to solving it.  If you have read any of our other articles, then you already know about the initials JKF  and KF repeating. This has been documented by others, which you can find online. we have no idea what if means exactly. Some like to connect it with a name, and it could be, but it could also be something else. Keep an open mind. Zodiac liked to use misdirection and play tricks on us. So, the first thing that comes to mind could be the wrong thing. We also want to repeat, our work revolves around the codes, not a person. It is the hope of the code breakers and researchers that all of the hunters can use our work and apply it to their own suspect or research to see if it may bear fruit. That would be the smart thing to do...if you are a hunter. We strongly recommend you look at some of our other work. We have taken an approach that has not really been taken before, and we have been very successful at what we do. We also ask that you share our site with as many people as you can. 

     The dots on the 340 cipher reveal a lot more than an homage to the Masonic Pig Pen cipher, but also reveal locations on the Phillips 66 map and give us a message using an overlay key possibly pertaining to one of these locations. It is amazing how these barley noticed marks were the key to it all. 

      We are going to talk about the Pig Pen cipher. It is not known exactly where it came from, but it can be traced back to the 18th century. Free Masons used it commonly to keep their doings hidden away from prying eyes. That is why it is known as the Masonic Cipher. This cipher was also used by the Rosicrucian brotherhood. Soldiers in early America also used the code and in later years even children learned to use it.

      The pigpen cipher is made up of a grid and dots. Those are Wikipedia's words. These grids and dots are also what the 340 is made of. He had to use a grid overlay just to create the code. Grids have many uses. The 340 grid hides a pigpen cipher, a hidden Halloween card "v" symbol, and locations on the map. There are a few variants on the pigpen cipher. That means there is more than one way to encode it. All forms involve this grid. The little squares with dots that resemble dice are called pens. Like a pen, you would keep a pig in. Here are a few different ways to use a pigpen cipher. These are different keys you can use that will give you a better idea of how it works. There are three ways to make a key for a pigpen.

You would draw out your grids like this. Kind of like a "tic tac toe" board. Then you write your letters in the gird in some kind of pattern and that creates your key. You then use the key to encode and decode messages.

Here is an example of a three-dot key, but the key to it all is the dots.

Here is the key we are interested in. It is one of the most common. 


 Notice how the letter J looks like dice and the letter F looks like the "v" symbol.
                                                Here is another example of the same key.

      This is the same exact key as the one above. It is just made in a little different way. The second letter in each pen or square would have a dot on the code. What makes it important on the 340 code is that it makes us notice the dots and it also gives us more probability on his initials and name.  Here is an example of a pigpen cipher.

Take a crack at it.
If you can't figure it out I may have borrowed a trick from the Zodiac. We promise it does say something.

        Let's look at the Pen card again. First I want to point out how he spelled "Thing". It kind of looks like the "v" symbol closed up but you can clearly see the "f" in it, and the "g" is meant to be a "j" in disguise. We found JKF or KF repeating again.  Now, look at the 6 dots. There are 6 dots in the 340 cipher. Some of these dots even mirror the 3 dots around the "v" symbol in the "340 cipher" forming a triangle. 

This triangle may not seem like anything, but it is also a Masonic dot code. 

There are other people who have done this same thing. Rembrandt is one.


     Let's Talk about Masonic Symbols for a minute. Masons will hide symbols in just about anything they touch. You probably look at a few dozen hidden masonic symbols a day and don't even realize it. First, look at this Masonic symbol.

      We have this "connect the dots" theory. If you read my other stuff you can find out more about that. We think this symbol on the Halloween card that Zodiac sent to San Francisco Chronicle Paul Avery is a hint to "connect the dots". We think it is actually a hint to a few things all hidden in one strange symbol. Some think it has a connection with a comic book that we will not get into here, but we also think there could be some kind of connection to that. It is a strong possibility, but we think it could be for other reasons than most think. 

    To us, the symbol on the Halloween card is an obvious square and compass. We have shown that symbol to random Masons I know who have no knowledge of the Zodiac Killer or where the symbol came from just to see what they would say. They also thought it was an obvious square and compass. The dots form the compass when they are connected and the lower part of the symbol form the square. So now the symbol has given us two hints already.

Square and compass and Connect the Dots. 

Here they are overlaid on one another. 

    To us, that is the most important symbol the Zodiac gave us. Some have said we pay it too much attention to this symbol and all we can do is laugh in amazement at that thinking. He didn't draw it on the card just to be drawing strange symbols. No offense to anyone, but how can you try to solve the Zodiac codes and ignore all the clues he left us? That is like investigating the Zodiac and ignoring all the letters and evidence. 

The image below is from some of my very first work before I shared it online with the world.

     I did this when I was trying to figure out the codes. The dots on the card made me pay attention to the dots on what is called the 340 code. A code that had never been solved. Also written on the card is "Par-a-dice". I took this as another hint to pay attention to the dots and it seemed to me to be a play on the word for "Pair of Dice" It may well have other meanings as I believe most of the clues he left have more than one meaning. I believe he left more clues to this but to avoid confusion I am not going to get into them right now. We strongly recommend you read some of our other work. So, I drew dice around the dots on the code. Then I saw the strange symbol from the Halloween card embedded in a cluster on dice on the 340 code. They are an exact match as you will see.

      Below is a better example of what you have just seen After seeing what looked very promising I was wondering where do I go from here? I had the map out beside me. I had already found that one of the bomb drawings sent by the Zodiac is an overlay used with the map to reveal two hidden marked locations. You can find out more about that through links on the main page. I was looking at the squares on the 340 that I had drawn when it hit me, there is a compass drawn on the map. The same compass used in the overlay with the bomb drawing. THE SQUARE AND COMPASS. So, I wondered what would happen if I used the 340 as an overlay with the map. Used it not as a code but as a grid. Zodiac himself even hinted to this when he wrote in one of his letters that, "the code coupled with the map would tell you where the bomb is set".  I would also like to point out that the square highlighted in green beside the compass on the map. That is the ONLY square with a dot inside it on the ENTIRE code. It is a marker.

It is a marker for the overlay.

Let's look at the first picture again. We highlighted the circle and the cross in the sun this time. 


 It is called a sun wheel. The basis of how we keep time was built around it. Think sundial. We will go into a little detail on this but we are not going to try to give a full-blown history lesson or anything. 

Here is an example of a sun wheel that we pulled off an article about sun wheels.

Here is a sun wheel that we created.

       As we have said, the basis of how we keep time was built around this and also how we tracked the zodiac. The calendar zodiac. Some even call it the zodiac cross for a completely different reason that has nothing to do with the Zodiac killer. The Masons. Here is an example of the original Zodiac Cross.

      On the map code in my other work, which you can find links to on the main page, we talked about all the lines intersecting over Oakland. It is called the point of origin. I said it was the possible home of the killer because it is actually called the point of origin. That is just a possibility, who truly knows. we are about asking questions and finding answers here. That is all. Just a possibility.  On mathematical grids, this point would be called the point of origin and it just seemed to me that a hidden clue like this is something the Zodiac would do.  As we have said before, the Masons actually call this symbol the Zodiac Cross.  Here is a screenshot that we pulled off a Masonic Internet site. It is an article about "Free Masonry and the Zodiac Cross. We attached a link to the article below the screenshot. Notice that in this article, it also talks about the calendar zodiac and mentions the POINT OF ORIGIN. So, you know it is not just a thought that occurred only to me but is actually important and relevant. 

     We have done some searching around and discovered that other zodiac researchers have noticed the Masonic connection, but for other reasons than we did. Richard Grinell at has an article about the connection and also shows that the zodiac symbol was a masonic symbol associated with the calendar zodiac. Here is a screenshot and below it is a link to the full article he wrote. Richard is a smart fellow and I have gotten to know him since we started this project. I really like him because aside from being a brilliant writer, he is open-minded and will listen to people. He will not let the differing ideas get in the way of working together. Do you think police and professional investigators fight with each other over differing ideas? Well, maybe sometimes, but mostly they form think tanks just for such reasons. No one knows everything, and different people with different talents and skills are vital. As I have told him before, there is a chance that a lot of our different ideas could both be right, but we will not get into that here? Our thinking is more on the same wavelength than most may realize. Just the fact he and others noticed a Masonic connection with the Zodiac lends it validity.

      Some think the Zodiac stole his name and symbol from a watch. We think it is more likely the watch company took its name and symbol from the ancients and people like the Masons who used that symbol to help track the Zodiac and keep what we call time. Which is also what a watch is used for. We think the Zodiac was probably aware of this watch and was probably a fan of all things Zodiac(which is more than some think and I am working to show some of these things in other posts).

      Is it possible that the owner of the Zodiac watch company was a Freemason? That owner of Exxon was a mason. That is why there is a double-barred cross hidden in the logo. Remember, the sun wheel is also called a Zodiac cross for a completely different reason than because it was used by the Zodiac Killer or the zodiac watch company. It is possible that both the watch company and the Zodiac got their idea from the same place. We delve deeper into that possibility in some of our other work. 

     Zodiac is a Swiss-made watch. The Swiss flag has a Templar/Masonic cross on it (as does most Swiss made things). It is interesting that some of the Templars supposedly fled to the mountains and formed what is today called Switzerland. If you notice they do have a lot of connections. Templar's were supposed to be some of the world's first bankers and very secretive. There is a story about that all to itself, but as you know..the Swiss are famous for their secretive banking. It is a well-known legend or story. Here is a link to a short article about it. 

      The watch company symbol and the country's flag are both based on the Templar/Masonic cross. We wrote the watch company and asked them a few questions about their history and about the man who founded the company. They directed us to a biography about him which we will make use of at a later point in time. 


Below are some things that relate to all of this. The first is a painting of Christopher Columbus's ships showing a Masonic cross on the sails.

 Here is the Exxon logo.

    That double x in the logo is a hidden masonic double-barred cross. I saw a documentary once that explained this logo. The blue under it represents the ocean and how the Masons/Templars carried the Cross over the ocean. We are trying to show how Masons hide symbols in everyday things. Showing the importance of the cross and how it applies to the Zodiac Sea Wolf watch. The main point is to explore where the Zodiac Killer possibly got his name and symbol from and the masonic relationship to it. It could also be a clue to something else.

      We ran across this by chance. It is a Masonic pin from San Fransisco in 1904. Notice the crosses and the circle at the center of the big cross. It also makes reference to the Templars. We will talk a little more about the Templars in a shortly.


This is something we just wanted to throw at you for fun, but do you see what we mean about hiding symbols in things.


     Slaves in the afterlife. The Zodiac mentioned he was collecting slaves for the afterlife. Who knows if he really believed this, or if it was just some phase he was going through, or if he was just trying to sound scary to frighten people, or if it was some kind of clue. We did find something that mentions people securing victims as slaves in the afterlife on Wikipedia under the definition of headhunting. Let's see what we can learn about Zodiac by some of the things he says. He might tell us things about himself that he didn't really mean to reveal. Like his level of education and other things. Your average person wouldn't know about a lot of the things he mentioned or talked about. We may be able to use his sense of superiority against him. We also found a reference for the police saying this, which we talk a little more about at the main end of this article. It is a very interesting lead we are exploring, but this one will take a lot of time. More to come later on that. 


  We found this and we just had to add it in here. This just blew our minds. Aleister Crowley was a Mason.


Here is a screenshot. to view the full article click here.

The point is that anyone could be a Mason and still not be such a good guy. 

Here we have the Beetles making a hand symbol like the one the skeleton makes on the Halloween card. 

        Here are a few examples of our own just for the fun of it. There is a little more on this hand sign further down the article. If we find any new info on it in the future then we will update it here. Do you know what really bothers me about the Halloween card? It has no makers mark or any kind of identifying marks on it. we would really like to know where the card came from or if the Zodiac had access to the resources to make the card himself?

      Their fingers are supposed to represent 666. I can see it. Shortly, you will see something else interesting about this hand sign. It just makes us wonder all the more where this card came from. It is like this card was tailor-made just for him.

 Speaking of the Halloween card.  Did you know masonic aprons have an eye and the square and compass on them? Along with other designs. It looks like the Gmail logo.


So does the Halloween card.


      The Halloween card has two skeletons on it. I know it is a Halloween card but there is something else to this.  One one the front and one on the back. Did you know that the skull and crossbones were originally used by the Knights Templar back in the days when they escorted Christian pilgrims to the holy land? In later years it found its way into masonic traditions. We just did a quick search and took a screenshot to show some examples.

Another interesting fact about the skeletons on the Halloween card. One is male and one is female.


        This repeats twice on the Halloween card. The masonic symbol of the Square and compass is also called the Blade and Chalice. These are two symbols to represent the opposites of male and female and how they go together.

     We have shown in other articles how in one of the letters he hid a Capricorn symbol and that the Cheri bates letter was signed with a similar symbol. Here is a screenshot from that. We wonder what this could mean. It is just something that we want to point out. Food for thought.

 This could be a possible hint to a birthday but I don't know. We have already shown the association between the masons and the zodiac. Here is a screenshot that we took from a site that.

Here is a link to all the mason/Capricorn items for sale. This illustrates just how much into the zodiac the masons are.


      I want to talk about the stamps the zodiac used. Franklin Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln, The Apollo landing. What do all these Have in common? The masons. When Neil and Buzz landed on the moon the first thing they did was a masonic ritual. Roosevelt was a mason but the made a mistake with Abe. Abe Lincoln was not actually a Freemason. He did apply but when he ran for president he withdrew his application because he thought it would be viewed as a trick to get votes. So he withdrew his application with the promise to return after his presidency. After he was shot the lodge he applied with put his application through and declared him to have all the highest honors of a mason.  FYI. The Zodiac's name is hidden in this card, and in the exorcist code, and of all places...on the map when you connect the dots.

        The murder at Washington and Cherry. This could be suggestive of Cheri Jo Bates but it is another hint to the masons. Everyone has heard the story of Washington cutting down his father's cherry tree. Washington was also a well known Mason and wore full masonic garb when the cornerstone for the capital was laid. The night Zodiac committed his murder at Washington and Cherry of the taxi driver he was picked up on MASON street.

     Washington was also known as the Spy Master in the Culper Ring(if you like codes you should check them out ) for his coding and spying skills. One of the lesser-known coding systems they used was a technique using overlays to reveal hidden information. One more thing that has nothing to do with this but we want to add it in here. You never know.  In the 6-page bomb letter, he asked that this part be printed.

      This is important for something but I am not sure what. It could be used with one of the overlay keys that we have found, but I can tell you this. You will notice 4 numbers in that message. 2-3-5-10 or 23510. That is the zip code to a naval base at Norfolk Virginia.

     It could be nothing but with all the military references in the zodiac case, the wing walker boots, codes, one of the points falling on a naval war memorial, and the bay area is a naval town  My brother was in the navy and he has been to all of these places. It is just something worth making a note of. It is an odd coincidence but it could be nothing.

Here is the Apollo stamp that Zodiac used on the envelope he mailed the card in. The example on the left was borrowed from Richard Grinell.  

Apollo 8..In the beginning.


Did you know there is another possible homage to NASA besides the Apollo Stamp? It actually came with the Card inside the envelope this stamp is on. The "666" hand symbol on the card that you saw earlier.

      How is that another link to NASA you ask? Well, I am glad you asked. I bet some even find that laughable. I know I did at first.  Here are a screenshot and a link that will tell you more about it. Could it be a military thing? It was also used commonly by divers. Below the pictures is a link if you want to know more about it. Click on the image to enlarge or just click the link. 

I bet that was something a lot of you didn't know. 
A couple more snips from this site. First is the diving symbol.

This one is really interesting. This card was sent to journalist Paul Avery. Paul Avery called Zodiac a latent homosexual. In South American countries this hand symbol means just that. Could this had been a come back by Zodiac to Paul, or have more than one hidden meaning? It is interesting.

The two keys

      Someone said we may have made a mistake on the numbers on these keys, but it is arguable since it is hard to see. So, we are going to try to see if we can find out more about this and maybe do a few experiments to try to resolve it. If anyone has any info on the details on the keys please share. I don't think the numbers have any special significance or they would be a little more readable, but who knows?

Some variants.

Two keys are another hint to the Masons. Here are a few Masonic Symbols.


I just ran across something interesting I am going to add here. 
You see this symbol with the square and dot. I also added it above so you probably have already seen it. 

You can also see the square overlaid on the compass in the example above.

Wouldn't it be interesting if a symbol like that was used by a secret society like the Masons?

I just ran across this. 

We have seen this before but never thought about it. I wrote to the Rosicrucian's and asked them a few questions. I have included this conversation below. 


When I don't know about something, I like to try to ask around first and get it straight from the horse's mouth if I can. I am actually surprised they helped me out. 

The items beyond this point are things we plan to research and look into. We are listing them out here for future use. 

       We found a lot of new stuff that we want to research and write about. Right now, we are just going to post pictures and links. We do this so we can cover them at a later time. We will then go back, and one by one, go into much more detail on each. You can think of parts of this site as a kind of  online notebook. We ran across just about all of this stuff researching the Bohemian Club. This is a very interesting group, but it led us to some other very interesting discoveries.

Paradice and the Domino. We think this is just a pin but it may have special meaning.

The "v" symbol Square and Compass.

This link is placed here to remind me of something else I am researching. I'll label it star gate. 

Symbols that rule the world (hidden masonic symbols you see everyday) 


a video on the example above(shape shifting)


Another note to  research Masonic Police. We just saw something in the news about a group in California calling themselves Masonic Police who were just arrested. The main person in the arrest was an aid to  Kamala Harris. We actaully have a letter from her office giving us advice on how we should relay some of our finding's to the athourities from back when she was the Attorney General of California. We may add it to this article at some point. 

      We also ran across a reference of the police collecting slaves for the ofter life. we first heard this reference in the movie "Training Day". the only other person, besides a group of headhunters, to ever say these exact words, was the Zodiac Killer. Upon further research, we discovered that police (in California of all places, L.A. to be exact) had been recorded saying this and it was documented in court records. the movie "Training Day" was referring to this. We have shared this discovery with come colleagues like Richard Grinnel. We hope to find out more about this in the future and write it up in an article. We would like to know how long certain groups in the police have been saying this and where exactly it came from. We know they did not get this saying from a movie or popular culture as the court records referring to this were recorded in the days of the very beginnings of the Internet. Before there were any Zodiac websites. Still, it is possible this was influenced by the Zodiac Killer in some way. Either directly or indirectly. We wanted to make mention of this and there will be more to come in the future. this is one of those mysteries that will require feet on the ground research, but we will know more in the future. This is a very important note to make. we also know that no one else has ever made this connection before. It started here first. we will add evidence of all of this soon, at least what we have found so far. 

Scottish Rite info and symbols

The rings and the grids

We ran across this researching the Bohemian Club. We are posting a link to remember it for future use. 

Random thing we need to look into.

Another random thing we need to look into.

The Infinity 8 ball

More random stuff we need to check out. 

This is similar to some of our work with the 340 code. 

We actually ran across this link to in a Bohemian Club search

The Hand Symbol on the Halloween Card

We will research this hand signs history and connection with secret societies.

The Honorable Order of the E Clampus Vitus.

     We are also going to do some research on the Sons of Malta. We may add it this research at a later date as it becomes relevant. Usually, after we complete a particular research project, we go back and rewrite the article. cleaning it up and leaving a polished finished project. we like to do out projects in real time with people watching. We also save original copies in the project for perpetuity that are stored in other places for people to view. We make it clear that these were research files. These are just notes right now . All of this takes a tremendous amount of time, but if nothing else we will learn a lot. We will post a little more about this secret Masonic type society as well. For now, a couple of interesting things that caught our eye. First, here is the name of their chapter in Paradise California. It is known as Lodge number 7 or the "Pair O Dice chapter". The E Clampus Vitus.

Their most sacred symbol or logo is an old man with an ass. 

Does it remind you of anything?

Here is the reproduction Zodiac Killer dragon card used in the movie "Zodiac"

It is interesting that this group was formed around gold mining and both of these feature digging equipment as well as other similarities. You can study the images for yourself without us having to list them out. We think this was a really good find. 

The skull and bones.

A group photo.

We post this because the monument is interesting. We found a little more on this and will do more research on it later. we may blur the people in the photo just out of respect even though it is public information. Take note of the 7 with the circle around it.   


Here is another symbol used by this group. We will find out more about it later. 

 Keep in mind, we are not saying Zodiac was an "E Clampus Vitus" member. We are just pointing out possible connections with secret societies. We also do not know that he wasn't a member. 

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Section 4...The 340 Hidden Message

Section 5...The 32 symbol Map Code and JKF WROTE

Section 6...The Exorcist Letter Puzzle

Section 7...The Zodiac Killer JKF Pattern

Section 8...My Name Is Connect the Dots

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The Zodiac Killer Enigma
The Zodiac Killer Enigma

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