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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Zodiac Killer 340 Cipher Scale

                                                        Zodiac Killer 340 Cipher Scale
The Zodiac Killer Enigma
The Zodiac Killer Enigma

          This is just a short post to clear up and questions about the scale of the Zodiac 340 Cipher.

  I am going to start by first posting a high-resolution scan of the 340 cipher.

                             Here is the proof of scale at the bottom of the document.

                                                             It is 3 inches.

  I am going to measure it just for the hell of it. You never know when it might come in useful or if someone else may find it useful.

             I found this in reference to the size of the 340 cipher on a forum and snipped it.

                                                        Here is a link to this site.

             He states the paper size is 7.25 inches by 10.5 inches... He is correct. Thanks to Richard Grinell and I have found more information on the letter scales and info on the paper. I have looked for this fora while. He sent me a link to this website.


                                                Below is a snip from this website.


  First here is the scale marker on the 340 code document matched against a ruler showing it is three inches.

  Here is a full measurement of the document.

This example measures just the code itself.


                                         To get back to the main title page click the link below

   Table of Contents

Section 1...Intro to the Zodiac Codes

Section 2...The Clues
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Section 3... The Radians, the 66 Map, and the 340 code coupling

Section 4...The 340 Hidden Message

Section 5...The 32 symbol Map Code and JKF WROTE

Section 6...The Exorcist Letter Puzzle

Section 7...The Zodiac Killer JKF Pattern

Section 8...My Name Is Connect the Dots

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The Zodiac Killer Enigma
The Zodiac Killer Enigma

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