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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Why do the Zodiac Killer Letters appear to have water damage?

The Zodiac Killer Enigma
The Zodiac Killer Enigma

        We have been doing work on scaling the Zodiac Letters.  We are doing a lot of work with the letters. I noticed smudging in the writing and some other things that look like slight water damage. I have found an article with some info and insight on this. I will be quoting from it a few times. Here is the link.


     The Zodiac talked about his basement getting flooded. There are dark marks on the paper that stand out better after I invert the colors. It also shows the damage in more detail. This article says that these dark spots appear on this particular brand of paper after it has been exposed to heavy moisture. They say it could be from Zodiac using a sponge to seal his envelopes and stamps. That could be. It could also be that his paper and some of his letters were damaged when his basement "flooded out". Either way, this is what this post is about. These dark spots and what could be water damage. Why is this important? I don't know what it is...but it could be...

After I invert the letters I am going to use for this post I will then highlight and list all the damaged sections.

The Zodiac Killer Enigma

Look at those marks on the bottom of "my name is cipher" letter. I just noticed that. I thought I would point it out while I was thinking about it. Inverting the colors could be interesting. 

The Zodiac Killer Enigma

We might see something we have never seen before. I am going to take my time and do the work before I ask any questions.


The Death Machine Letter. 

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   Table of Contents

Section 1...Intro to the Zodiac Codes

Section 2...The Clues
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Section 3... The Radians, the 66 Map, and the 340 code coupling

Section 4...The 340 Hidden Message

Section 5...The 32 symbol Map Code and JKF WROTE

Section 6...The Exorcist Letter Puzzle

Section 7...The Zodiac Killer JKF Pattern

Section 8...My Name Is Connect the Dots

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The Zodiac Killer Enigma
The Zodiac Killer Enigma

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