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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Zodiac Murder of Paul Stine In Color

                                                       The Paul Stine Murder In Color

The Zodiac Killer Enigma Paul Lee Stine by Randall Scott Clemons
Paul Lee Stine

     Richard Grinell and I have worked hard to find the best images we can and then enhance and colorize them with the hopes of updating all of this. So there will be lots of images here. You can click the link below to check out the eBook with the most important aspects of this site and many other things that you will not find posted anywhere on the internet.


The Zodiac Killer Enigma
The Zodiac Killer Enigma

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  The Zodiac Murder of Paul Stine

                    This is one of my posts that will take time to finish. I am building it up over time.

       During one of my experiments, I found a way to turn black and white images into color. So I thought I would take some of these old images and turn them into color images. It makes me wonder what I can do with the composite of the Zodiac. One day we may find out. Below are a few black and white images I turned into color. It is not as simple as just running it through some kind of app. I wish it were. It is a long tedious process that involves many hours of work, but I think it is worth it. I am pretty happy with the work we have done on colorizing the images. One side effect of doing this is that I have become very familiar with the photos and the small details in them. I only have a couple more left to color on the Paul Stine scene, but like I said I have become very familiar with the small details and every picture I work on I learn more. I noticed a couple of things and details I want to go back and work on.

      I want to be as precise and do as good a job as I can do. The good thing is that I can keep doing detail work on the photos. You seriously would not believe how much work it is. Richard Grinell is also colorizing photos and some of these we worked together on. We are going to try to add color to all of the old zodiac photos. We try to do as much research and be as precise as we can. If anyone sees something they think is wrong or off I would appreciate it if you let me know. This is a big project and I want to finish it before trying to finish any of my other work. It is going to take years just to finish this site. When the final images are posted I will post an original black and white photo beside each Another unexpected side effect from this is that doing this brings out more detail in the photos and also makes the images bigger. That is a good thing. 

      Later we might even find a way to make them show more detail or turn them into 3d. I have been looking into that. I already found a way to take an image a turn it into a 3d image. For example. After I color a final image I can turn it into a video clip that does a 3d fly-through of a crime scene. I recently had a death in my family and lost one of my best friends. I have lost a few this year. So it may slow me down for a while. I know I am slow guys, but I am trying to some new things and contribute what I can. I recently got some new equipment just for doing some of these projects.

                                                                         Paul Stine

When Paul Stine Was Younger

                          Paul Lee Stine when he was older. This is the real Paul Lee Stine.

                                               The corner of Washington and Cherry 1969

      The image below is of the police phone box on the corner of Washington and Cherry. Sometimes I wonder if the Zodiac knew that was there and could have been one of the reasons he chose this spot to murder Stine. One thing is for sure, he chose this spot for a specific reason or reasons. As the story goes Stine's original destination was Washington and Maple. When they arrived for unknown reasons Stine drove on one more corner to Washington and Cherry where he was then shot by the Zodiac. It leaves open lots of questions, but the image below is the police phone box on that corner. It is hard to see in the image above but you can see the pole it is mounted on.

                                             Young Paul Lee Stine when he was younger.

                                           Some color images of the Paul Stine crime scene.
                                                Richard Grinell and I both worked on these

      Soon I am going to organize these and work on some writing over the coming winter months

Update on 2-24-2018

I just watch a show on the Reelz Channel called "Zodiac: The true story"

       I saw one of my images used on the show but they gave someone else the credit for supplying it. I know it was mine because  I put a lot of work into this particular image.  Richard Grinell and myself had the mission to collect all of the old images , put them in one place, and restore then colorize them. The image that was shown on this show I had taken several images and then photoshopped them together to create one. I then cleaned up and restored the image to make it clean and clear. On this image I wanted to colorize it and make the lights in the image flash. The only problem something was blocking the one of the lights on the police cruiser or either this police car didn't have one.  Some parts of the out edge of the image were degraded or missing so I used a tool to rebuild the parts of the image that were gone or degraded. It also had white spots and things all over the image which I took out to restore it.  When I saw the picture on TV I knew it was the one I had worked on the second I saw it. Here is the my picture that was shown on "Zodiac:The true story" on the Reelz channel. 

      I knew it was the one I restored as soon as I saw it, but I looked closer to make sure. Look at the police light I have highlighted in the image below. You will not find this image anywhere else unless I posted it or someone took it from here because I put that light in the image so I could make the police lights flash. On the show, they panned from one side of the image to the other. 

         In fact, there are original images of this image posted on this page. They are in poor condition which is why we did this project. Look at them and see if you can find that light in any of them. There are several small things in the image I restored that no one would notice unless they were looking at one of the poor originals versions. Nothing big, just little things to restore the degraded images but also things you will only find in the image I restored.

       I know it seems petty for me to point this out but you put hours and years into your work only for someone else to take credit. In a way, I am kind of proud because even if no one else knows...I know... Reelz could have at least gave me a small credit at the end. Also recently someone took the title of my site (The Zodiac Killer Enigma, Cracking the Zodiac Killer Code)  and used it as the title of their book.  I actually see my stuff popping up in many places. All I ask is a small mention. Come on, guys. All that being said I have had offers myself  but I didn't go for it.

       I am just here to solve codes and contribute. I don't want the aggravation the attention brings but still, you put all this work into this stuff and they could have at least gave a mention. I could just look at it as my stuff is good enough to be on TV and be happy.  

    Below is the image I put together and restored that was shown on the show "Zodiac: The true story" and if anyone says any different they are lying and I can prove it. I still have all my original works and the EXIF data on the images don't lie. It's cool though but I have to mention this here because ...come one...what would you do? I am still very proud.  

Below is the image took from this site and shown on that show. This is an update made on 2- 24- 2018

          When I see these posted somewhere or comments on the I mostly get good compliments but some try to put it down and forget the fact that a lot of these images you couldn't even see and say things like they are "artificially colored"  and forget the fact that I restored the images before adding color to them. I wish everyone understood the process more and how the grayscale plays a huge roll on the color scale and how color and light works. For example, white is all colors combined. For example (and you can google this) if you paint a disc-like a pie with all the base colors (yellow, red. blue, green, etc) and spin the disc then all the colors will appear to combine and the disc will appear to be white even though all of the colors are still there..get what I am saying? Or you can take a red light green light and a blue light and shine them all on the same spot the lights will combine and turn into white light. see what I am saying? 

      Yes, I added the colors to these images and it was a lot of work but they are more accurate than some may think. I was doing work in something like that and doing some new things on this site when the idea occurred to me. There are things and sites on the Internet you can use to color images but I did no use those. I used a completely different process that is a little more complicated but it gives you the best results. Like I said I was working on something like that while I was doing this when I got the idea. So I tried it and it worked and it gave me really good detail and results. I am not going to go into how color and light work on this site but after reading some things people have said I felt the need to explain it a little.

      I wish I could explain it in detail for everyone but it is something you can look up if you are curious. I may post a couple of images or videos of what I just explained showing what I mean and that it is true. I just wanted to throw that in there. I have to mention that black and white are also not the real colors but you can use the grayscale to get the true color of an image if you know what the color of the object is in an image.  I thank everyone who appreciated the work and understands why I did this and I hope people find these useful. 

                                                                          Paul Stine

                                                    We put a lot of work into this one.

       I have to explain some of these images because you may notice differences in some that look alike. There is a reason for that. The image below was taken when the police first arrived at the scene. So he had not bled out on the pavement yet. It is something I plan to go into in more detail later in this section, but when they first found Paul his head was in the floorboard. supposedly. According to witnesses which there are documentaries and such that explain all of that. We will look into this some more later. I will have video testimony and things posted also. That is why you don't see blood in this picture and you do in others. I had the same question once and I looked into it. Richard Grinell is a Zodiac Expert and there isn't much he doesn't know so if anyone has questions about crime scenes and other things I would suggest you look him up. He has I'm depth knowledge of all of his. He has a site

      Most of the images from this perspective with the bloodstain on the pavement are so degraded that you can't see any detail. So using other images of the crime scene we tried to clean up, repair and rebuild some of these images. The image below was taken just a little after the first image posted above with no blood on the pavement. You notice the blood starting to pool on the pavement. 

      Before I had the material I needed to fix the degraded images I tried to match the bloodstain where it was supposed to be the best I could. I did alright but it still wasn't exact. It bugged me so I kept trying.  I spent hours in the process of restoring these images and we are still doing detail work to them. So I am not going to take something down I worked hard on. Besides. I may need it for some animation or something in the future.

     I had two very very degraded images like this that showed the blood so then I used the image above and this image to make a 100 percent accurate good quality restored image of this. You can see it below. 


    It still bugged me because I had these two degraded images from slightly different perspectives. Then I noticed they were almost perfect to do a little effect with. I know somewhere out there someone has good copies of all these images they could send me.

      So, I decided to fix these two images and add color. Here is a color version of the animation above. Later I am going to post these two degraded images in a before and after fade along with a couple of stills and animation that has three stages. I have an idea for all these images to put them together to mimic a short video clip of the crime scene. It is a little complicated and each of these little things I made plays a part in it. There a just a couple of other programs I need first though. Mainly adobe after effects but I will get it when I am ready.  After I get what I want to be done I will rewrite some of this page and organize the images better. We have about done all we can do with the images we have posted. Eventually, Some of the images will be taken off and all the final images will be left up. 

We have a slightly better version of that one I will post later. Here is a three-stage 3d wiggle gif. 

Next, I post the images and the restored images I did these with.

Here is the other.

                                                            Some still images are below.




                                                Richard Grinell and I both worked on some of these.


                                  This image was taken before he bled out on the pavement.


                                                    Police examining Paul Stine's shirt.


     In this post, I am going to collect information on the murder of cab driver Paul Stine. It will be messy for a while as I collect information and different theories with links and add them all. My First goal is to collect crime scene photos, police reports, and facts. Also to provide a short intro covering the basics of the crime. I am also going to try to bind ballistic reports and some police reports covering the basics.  I will then maybe later go into deeper detail and different thoughts and ideas. Over the next few weeks, it will take shape into a coherent piece of work.

     On October 11, 1969, at around 9:55 P.M. in San Francisco California, on the corner of Washington and Cherry ( or possibly Washington and Maple) near the Presidio, cab driver Paul Lee Stine was shot and killed by the Zodiac. He was shot with a 9mm in the back of the head. Paul picked up his fair at MASON (I stress the word Mason) and Greary Streets. to be continued...

                                                       Black and white Crime Scene Photos

  I am constantly on the search for better quality images. So far I have been pretty successful.


                              The Zodiac Killer Enigma Paul Lee Stine by Randall Scott Clemons

A couple of movie snips from the movie "Zodiac" that may or may not help provide better insight.

     This post is going to be built in bits and pieces as I find the information I am looking for. I have lots of questions and I want to see if I can find the answers for them. This should be interesting. It is possible to Zodiac seeded and planted false evidence at this scene.

     Were the windows on Paul Stine's cab up or down? Some might wonder why it is important. There are a few reasons, but I will get into more of that later. I have seen people say the reason no gunshot was heard was that the closed windows muffled the sound. I can point out a few things wrong with that reasoning and will do all the research I can into this and find all the info on things like this that I can find. I maybe even do a few gunshot tests of my own with a 9mm and a decibel meter. My friend Timmy Back wants to help me out with this one and he knows his shit.  I just want to test how loud and far away a gunshot would be heard with the windows up and down. I plan to do my homework on this one. I have a lot of questions I want answers to. There are a few possible reasons that no gunshot was heard.

        1. The first and most simple. He used a suppressor (and unless he was wearing earplugs the blast from the shot would have rung his ears).

        2. He held the muzzle of the gun right against Paul Stines's clothing or skin. That will also have a suppressing effect. I have a short video that shows this further down the page.

        3. No one was around the other houses to hear it (or just didn't want to get involved) and a lot of noise was being made in the house of the people that witnessed the crime.

       4. He didn't kill Paul Stine in that exact spot.

Were the windows of Paul Stine's cab up or down?

       In this photo the door of the cab is open and Paul Stine is laying out of it with a puddle of blood on the ground. If you look close this window appears to be cracked (slightly open a few inches. Look closely.

                                                With this image, I enlarged it for a closer look.

With this image, I outlined the edges of the glass. 

                                                        Here is a side by side for comparison.

 In this photo, you can see the front part of this door window sticking out from where it was open.

     The driver's window was open. Crime scene photos are taken of the scene the way they find it. Nothing is moved, changed, or altered in any way. That is the point of crime scene photos. To document the crime scene the way it was found.

     This is shown in Fincher's movie "Zodiac" when Zodiac exists the car and opens the passenger's door. He then walks around the car and leans in the driver's window. (but they got the rest of the windows wrong).

 The back passenger's window also appears to be open, but I would like to find documentation of this in the police reports. I am going to look into that.

                      The back driver's side window appears to be the only one completely closed.

      This is a snip of the bus bomb letter sent by the Zodiac after the Paul Stine murder. He asks for this section of the letter to be printed in the paper. I have a couple ideas that this section has another purpose, but I will not get into that here. I am working on that on other posts. In this section, Zodiac mentions that he actually talked to the police that night and they let him go because they were looking for a black man. That makes me ask myself many many questions. Why would they be looking for a black man? Racist overtones maybe? Or was it a deliberate mistake by someone else? I don't know. I have many questions about that night which I will ask in this article. The police claim to have seen this man, but deny actually talking to him. 

     Now, I want you to ask yourself a question. Do you actually believe the didn't stop a man they saw walking away from a crime scene and at least ask him if he saw anything or someone in the vicinity? I don't believe that. Let's say they didn't stop and talk to him. Then were they doing their jobs properly? Either way, it shows incompetence on the part of those officers that night whether they talked to him or not. They had him....and let him walk away. They did give a description of him. Now ask yourself another question...If the police did lie about talking to him that do we know they didn't also lie about the description they gave of the man? 

    Ask yourself once more questions...What would have been their motivation to tell these lies? I know this.. The police fucked up...and someone ..I am not sure which...but someone is told a lie. I know two cops said they saw Zodiac, but didn't talk to him.. I know Zodiac said these two cops did talk to him.. So if they didn't talk to him... How did Zodiac know there were two cops in the a bit of a night...Just for thought.

     Either way... this piece of this letter is a good example of how Zodiac used misdirection to confuse people... He either told the truth and misdirected the cops(which I think he did) or he used this letter to misdirect everyone else (which is another way could also be true).
      The police said this encounter occurred somewhere near Jackson Street. Right down the hill from Washington and Cherry. The Zodiac said the same thing in the section of the letter as seen above. He stated he was walking down the hill to the park. He also said that if the police had searched the park properly they would have found him. A golf course is also connected to the park.

     The Presidio Golf Course. It is one of the oldest in the region. It actually surprises me how many people didn't know it was there. I think that is important because the first two Zodiac attacks happened at the Blue Rock Springs Golf Course. Here is an image to show you what I am talking about.

     This map is one they used in 69. It is the same map in the documentary "This is the Zodiac Speaking. I have the corner of Washington and Cherry marked. Also, notice that the Presidio Golf Course is practically right across the street.

 Armond Pellisetti. He was one of the officers called to the scene that night. I am going to talk a little about all of these guys.


                                                            Officer Don Fouke

                                                               Officer Eric Zelms.
                       Zelms was shot and killed in the line of duty when he was 22 years old.

                                                               Toschi and Armstrong

        A short video on the acoustics of gunshots and one possibility no one heard the shot fired that night. I plan to do more research on this and post it here. This video shows an experiment done by a forensic acoustics specialist and shows that when the muzzle of a firearm is placed against the body it has the same effects to the sound of the gunshot as a suppressor would have. Take into account the windows of a vehicle are all closed and several other possibilities and you can start to see why no one heard the gunshot that night (even though some could see the crime in progress).

      As Richard Grinell pointed out in something he wrote it is possible that the shooting occurred at Washington and Maple which could also be another factor contributing to why a gunshot was never heard. The fact is that the cab's destination was Washington and Maple but for reasons unknown proceeded to the corner of Washington and Maple.

      Here is a site about the sound levels of gunfire. Some might wonder why this important. Well, it might not be, but it very well could be. I have a lot of questions about it.  It is good to look at all angles and have as much information as one can compile.

                                                                        Muzzle Flash

        I am not sure how much of the crime in progress the witnesses saw, but I am working on that. Either way, this video will give you a better idea of what I am talking about when I say muzzle flash. It will also give you some idea of the sound. If the witnesses saw the whole crime go down then they should have seen a muzzle flash from the weapon being fired inside the car. I am looking into police reports and will shed more light on that in the future. No matter what...this is still a pretty cool video to have on here. I am going to try to make a video of what a muzzle flash would look like inside a dark car. With surfaces around for the light to bounce off, it should have lit the inside of the car up. That is just a prediction. We will just have to try it and see what happens. You can enlarge the video.


 Below are an image and a link to a site that will explain a little more about muzzle flash and show you the difference between a standard round and a low flash powder round.


                                                Shell casing like the one found at the crime scene.

 It is in bad taste to show Mr. Stines face, but at the same time, I know some are curious (just as I was) and I don't believe in censorship. So the image below will give a quick glimpse of it.

       Some experimental images I made trying to get a 3d effect. I will figure it out. These are just stepping stones and learning experiences. If I ever get the program after effects I will do some really classy images. I am working on a lot of things.

       I can't find my 3d glasses so I can't see how this image below turned out. I am experimenting with a few different things but if it this one works good and if people want to see this stuff in 3d I will do more. I thought about making the comic book style then do them in 3d also to make sort of a Graphic Novel. Just ideas for the future, but I am working on some good stuff. After I figure out what I want to do I will take these off the internet.

   Too bad I can't find good versions of these two images. They made a perfect 3d wiggle gif.
                                           I may be able to rebuild these two images though.

       As you can see I have made some progress with restoring these two images. They have come a long way but they have just a little bit further to go before I call them finished. I have a few day's works into these. I want to put a few more days into it. They are close though. Remember that there is only so much I can do, but when after I do just a little more work I will post the two still images along with this gif. I also want to do a before and after gif of these images. I coulda; most do a three-stage wiggle gif if I could get this other image to work but it just doesn't seem to fit. It would almost look like a video clip of the crime scene. It is coming along.

The Zodiac Killer Enigma Paul Lee Stine by Randall Scott Clemons
Paul Lee Stine


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