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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Full Body Zodiac Killer Composite

Zodiac Killer full-body composite - The Zodiac Killer Enigma

The Zodiac Killer Enigma

                                        New Full Body Zodiac Killer Suspect Composite

            Gregory Haugevik ( I have to check later to make sure I spelled his last name correctly) recently tasked me with trying to create a full-body composite of the Zodiac as described on the night he murdered cab driver Paul Stine. I accepted the challenge. Since I am going to take on the project I am going to post my work here. I have nowhere else to post it and what is the point of doing it if no one is going to see it. You never know. I may come in useful to someone. I am not one of these guys who posts something on the internet and then tell no one they can use or copy it. I see no point in that. It actually honors me if anyone uses something I did. That is why it is all here. For people to use and hopefully some good will come of it. My motivation is to solve the crime. So feel free to use anything of mine, but it would be nice if you gave me a kind shoutout or acknowledgment.

           I am going to try many different things in these composites. I am also going to attempt a 3d model of the composite. I hope to do a real-life composite also. That is going to be tricky as you have to be careful trying to present a real face. Some could get confused and I have mixed feelings on the matter. I am going to attempt it. Whether I leave it posted or not is another story. It may cause more harm than good.

         Here are a few of the things I have done already. These are just what I have for starters and I have a hell of a lot of more work to do. So please wait before you critique my work. I am going to try many different examples and post them here. In the end, only a few of the best examples will remain up. I have to get opinions and things on my work, and I may even do a voting type thing. I am also going to attempt to supply the descriptions given by witnesses including a short video of a description gave by officer Don Fouke on the documentary " This is the Zodiac Speaking". It is very good work and My hats off the creators. Sometime in the future, I want to do a post just on that documentary alone because I see some problems with some of the stories given by the people on it. 

       I just want to point out some things and ask some questions I would like to find answers to. Micheal Mageua particularly and something Nancy Slover said. She said on the night Darlene Ferrin was murdered that the first call she received that night to report it was from a frantic young woman. I don't think anyone has ever addressed this and I don't know about you ... but that seems pretty damn important to me. Now that I am finished Rambling here are my first examples. Work is continuing to be done on these and other things. I would like to team up with a guy by the user name of Rembrandt. I have seen some of this work on some of these Zodiac sites and it is pretty impressive. I am no artist like he is but I a, pretty good at computer-generated images.

      IF you ever see this Rembrandt it would be awesome if you took some of the work I am doing here and gave it your own personal touch. My hat is also off to you sir. In the end, I may have to steal one of your head composites, but I will make sure you get the credit if I do. All I am interested in is contributing and nothing else, and I don't care what anyone thinks of that.

        As I do more work some examples will be updated, changed, and replaced. Good work can not be done overnight.

    Here is the interview with officer Don Douk from the documentary " This is the Zodiac Speaking". In this short clip, he gives the description of the man he saw. He says the man was wearing tan low cut engineering-type shoes, blue jacket, and rust-colored pleated trousers.

                       Here is a composite made to the description Officer Don Fouke gave.
                                                          As close as I can get anyway.


                  Here are more composites I have done.  Some are slightly different than others.

Zodiac Killer full-body color composite ( still lots more things to try)

                                                       This one has a little more facial detail.

       These are a comic book style. Later I may take all the images I worked on and do a graphic novel type story with them. Maybe, but that would be years own the road.

      Don Fouk described the man he saw was wearing rust colored pleated slacks. As far as a suspect composite goes the color of his pants doesn't really matter, but here is an example with rust-colored slacks. Something I want to mention. Fouke stated in an interview (which I plan to post here tonight ) that he was also wearing a pair of low cut engineering-type shoes like the wing walker boots except they were tan in color. The question I have is, in such a short encounter and with his slacks hanging over his shoes, How did he know how low cut the shoes were? I wear boots myself quite often. I also have boot type shoes that are ankle cut. When I wear them people can not tell the difference. I have had people ask me where I got my boots and are usually surprised when I show them they are not actual boots. 

This one has the rust-colored pleated slacks. 

Here are some with an actual mask like he wore a Lake Berryessa.

Here is a composite I did with an age-progressed image that someone did. I have no idea how accurate it is. I just thought it would be a good addition to this section. 

Below I am going to post the single elements of the suspect's attire. 


     I placed this section here with the boots because of I as I do these projects I am collecting information for my benefit of learning. I simply had no other place where this information would fit in and since the boots were part of Zodiac's attire I thought this would be a good place for it to go. I have to mention that when I originally did my research I would print it out and put it in a binder. Nos I am doing the same thing except instead of putting it in a binder I post here online. By doing this I know I can never lose it and that also gives other people the opportunity to see it also. 


        I can overlay and match these prints with these boots and then post an example. I will do that later. I thought these images were kind of old so I looked around to find some newer images of these boots to kind of give this a little update and you a better look at these boots.


 Here is an overlay of the boot tread and boot print. This print came from Lake Berryessa, They are a perfect match.

      I have a couple of good images of these boots I ran across. I found a pair for sale.  The first pair was a pair of new old stock I ran across. That means they are old but they have never been used or worn. They were listed as 1960's Weinbrenner Military Boot (very rare)

    The second pair I found were used. Here is a snip from the ad I found selling them. I just copied and pasted it.

   These military issued short boots come in a lace-up chukka boot style. They belonged to a soldier with the last name "Parks". They have safety steel toes and oil resistant soles. This type of boot was used around aircraft and navy carriers. The shoes allowed more maneuverability than the traditional combat boot. Since most flight lines were located in safer areas, it was common for soldiers to wear them without worrying about the ankle support taller combat boots provided. The styling of the boot is a personal favorite of mine. They're essentially a short "combat shoe", which allows you to wear them with a variety of clothing throughout the year. The added steel toe is a nice touch, you know......just in case shit gets real. Mr. Parks had impeccable taste in footwear. 

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