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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Unfinished Pyramid and Washington & Cherry

The Zodiac Killer Enigma



                   This is actually going to be pretty interesting. If you are into this kind of thing. This is actually something the movie "Zodiac" touched on though I don't think it was intentional. Paul Stine was killed by a man and left at the corner of Washington and Cherry streets in San Francisco. The cab driver picked up his would-be killer on MASON street. On the movie "Zodiac" it shows the foundation of a new building right before Paul Stine picks up the Zodiac. Through the movie, you see the construction of this building as time passes. Must be a pretty important building in San Francisco? At the time though it was San Francisco's own unfinished pyramid.

       The Zodiac Killer was really into symbols and codes. Secret societies use lots of symbols and symbolism. One secret society best known for it is the Free Mason's. You can be a Mason and still be a member of another secret society. There are other secret societies that are actually Free Mason based. In my other posts, I have shown lots of this symbolism and how it connects to the Zodiac Killer. I don't know if he was a Mason or if he was just using the symbols as hints or clues to his codes and activities. That being said he had a working knowledge of the symbolism used by the Mason's so that gives another insight to the man. Your average person would not know this stuff or even care for that matter.

                       You have seen the Halloween card sent to San Francisco journalist Paul Avery.

Paul Avery - The Zodiac Killer Enigma

    It is my belief that the card is a clue card giving us hints. At any rate, there are some strange drawings and symbols on that card. One, in particular, is a "V" symbol. Here I am going to explore some possible connections and show you some pretty cool stuff. Washington will be mentioned a lot.

                                                  Here an image of the Halloween Card.

Zodiac Killer Halloween Card - The Zodiac Killer Enigma

                                                           Notice this symbol on the card.

                                                Pay attention to the dots on the symbol.

         I believe these dots tell us to pay attention to the dots on the unsolved 340 code. When you turn this symbol into a "connect the dots" puzzle and connect those dots the symbol shows a Masonic symbol of the square and compass.



  Connect the dots is also half of my solution to the "My name is" code. The other half I don't really talk about. To find out more about that there is a link on the main page. I will tell you this. I left enough that you can figure out a name the same way I did. If you ever figure out that name without just dismissing it and blowing it off. Then look up that name and connections with the known murder sites you will be amazed. I really wish I could say more. I really do. You can click the link below to read the section on that. One thing I can say. Whether I am right or I am wrong. No matter who the Zodiac is. One thing he never counted on was the internet and people having access to endless amounts of information at their disposal. USE IT!!!



     I ask myself  "why did he use 4 dots instead of three?". Because when you connect the dots another way it forms another Masonic symbol. The Unfinished Pyramid.

       There is also another place in the world where this strange combination of Masonic symbols can be found. WASHINGTON D.C. Named after George Washington which is also the same person all these streets named Washington are named after. The first president of the United States, code and spymaster, and a high ranking Free Mason.

         I think we all have heard the story about George Washington cutting down his father's cherry tree.  Mason Street, Washington and Cherry, Square and Compass, and the unfinished pyramid. Something I learned from social media. People today won't read something unless it is in the form of a picture. I like pictures myself...soooooo. I notice people all over the world read this. So some of you may not know this story. You can google it to find out more. It is just a famous story that every American schoolchild has heard.

   Here is a screenshot of the street layout in Washington and the street layout. You can see the symbols in the street layout, but I will highlight them anyway. Now some argue this is just coincidence... my ass it is and Mason street in San Francisco isn't named for the Free Masons either..come one. lol. There is more than one street in San Francisco with these names.

                      Here is a shot that outlines the Square and compass and the five-pointed star.
                                                                    Connect the Dots

  Here is one that no one talks about too much. The five-pointed star also forms the unfinished pyramid.

                           I saw this on something on the History Channel. That was what motivated me to go ahead add a post about the two hidden masonic symbols hidden in the strange symbol on the Halloween card. I will admit if it had not been for the movie Zodiac I probably would have never paid the TransAmerica Pyramid in San Francisco any attention. San Francisco has an abundance of Masonic architecture hidden throughout it. You can look it up on the net. There are many sites dedicated to it. I may link some here later.

                                                     Click here to get back to the main page.

The Zodiac Killer Enigma

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Zodiac Killer Enigma, Cracking the Zodiac Killer Code SITE MAP
The Zodiac Killer Enigma

 "This is a game of misdirection. The obvious choice may not always be the right choice."..Geordi...

 (We are always working on new things and adding new info to older posts)

The Zodiac Killer Enigma

    The Zodiac Killer Enigma, Cracking the Zodiac Killer Code ©2014-2020
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     This is how it all started. We discovered that this bomb schematic sent by the Zodiac Killer to San Francisco Bay area newspapers and police, along with several codes he had created, work with one another in an overlay code to reveal marked locations on the Phillips 66 map, as well as a section of the highway marked with a string of bombs.

     This first, (and one of our most important), of the discoveries that we made, led us to make many more. Which in turn led us many more discoveries and eventually to the creation of this site. Since first created just to relay this new information and actual breakthroughs in the Zodiac Killer case to the masses, we have gained many followers and grown in ways we could not foresee. 

     Look below and take a good look at it. This is the overlay of the bomb schematic and the Phillips 66 map. This site and our work revolve around the codes and not a person of interest or suspect. It is our hope that all of the hunters out there may be able to use the work of code breakers and investigators along with their work. To be able to apply it with their list of suspects or a favorite person of interest to what fruit it may bear. 

    This animation begins by showing the scale markers of both documents side by side to prove the scale. It then finishes by showing the final overlay. In out many articles and posts, you can find most answers to any questions that you may have, along with much more. Including the long looked for radians that Zodiac said the map involved.

The Zodiac Killer Phillips 66 Map and Bomb Schematic Overlay

We show how this technique is still taught in the present day military. 

      This site includes much more than just articles and research into the Zodiac Codes. It also features some of the best examples of the Zodiac Killer Letters that we could find. Some even coming from the actual present-day owners of some letters. It includes articles and posts of ongoing research into the things we have discovered. It includes restored and colorized images of the victims, crime scenes, cards, and much more. It also includes links and downloads to code-breaking software. Some that can only be found here. 

    We have reorganized the site map, but everything that it used to feature is either still here or moved to a different place, but everything our followers and readers came here for, is still here. We have recently revamped the site map to make it easier to navigate and quicker to load. Below is a list of links, articles, and posts to everything that can be found on our site. Please, share this page with your friends. This stuff needs to be known. It needs to be seen and read by everyone. We have only scratched the surface. So, with that, we give you, The Zodiac Killer Enigma.......

      First, to understand what we have found with the codes and overlays, we recommend that you read sections 1 - 8. Especially for those of you who are new to this. For those who have never heard of the Zodiac Killer, we have posted an article that will tell you the story to get you started below sections 1 - 8. This will give you some context and help you to better understand some of our other articles in the research of these breakthroughs. Remember that our work revolves around the codes, not a person. If a hunter out there doesn't like one part, that does not mean you should discount it all. We hope that others out there can take all or parts of our work and see if any of it may apply to their suspect and persons of interest. Remember to give us a shout out. We also want to say that all of this has been documented with the Police and FBI.


Our most important breakthroughs with the overlay have been documented with the proper authorities such as the police and FBI. 


Sections 1 - 8

  Table of Contents

Section 1...Intro to the Zodiac Codes

Section 2...The Clues

Click Here

Section 3... The Radians, the 66 Map, and the 340 code coupling

Section 4...The 340 Hidden Message

Section 5...The 32 symbol Map Code and JKF WROTE

Section 6...The Exorcist Letter Puzzle

Section 7...The Zodiac Killer JKF Pattern

Section 8...My Name Is Connect the Dots

       Some of the other things you will see in our articles that you will better understand after you read sections 1 - 8 are the animation below. Zodiac stated that the map code involved radians. You find the radians, as well as other locations, by using the 340 code/cipher as a grid. a grid that can be overlaid on the map. That does not mean other messages or secrets are not hidden in the Zodiac Killer 340 code. In fact, we have found quite a few.

     The images below will give you a preview into one of the many clues into this. They were drawings found at the end of the Zodiac Letters. Our articles give you much more detail into this. We can connect these clues and everything on the Zodiac Killer Halloween Card to this code and overlay.


     A hidden message can be found in the 340.  Here is a message that we found hidden in the 340. To see how we found this and what the context of the message may mean, you will have to read sections 1 through 8 and the murder of Susan Nason.  As always, we begin the animation by proving the scale of each document by aligning them side by side. I still believe the 340 holds more secrets.

This technique is called overlaying or masking. We go into great detail about this in our articles and illustrate it with examples and stories of it being used throughout history and the military. 

You can see a good example of this being used in the show "Turn: Washington Spies". Which is set in during the revolutionary war. Here is an animation of what is called a "Cardan Grille" being used on this show. 

This is also sometimes called "Visual Cryptography". Here is a nice little animation illustrating this and a link for more information about it.


Below is a short video of Zodiac related images that Richard Grinell of ( ) and Randall Scott Clemons restored and colorized.

The Story of the Zodiac Killer

Bryan Hartnell
at the Jim Dunbar Show studios

Below are links to the individual murders along with special info and images.

New Full Body Zodiac Killer Composite

 Did The Zodiac Killer Murder Susan Nason?

 Click here to read - Did the Zodiac Killer Murder Susan Nason

     The Cheri Jo Bates Murder

The Cheri Bates Murder In Color

   The Zodiac Murder of David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen
David Faraday's Rambler Station Wagon

The Zodiac Murder of Paul Stine Murder

All of The Zodiac Killer Letters

Melvin Belli Letter

Why are the letters damaged? (work in progress)

The Scale of the Letters and Measurements

The Zodiac Killer 340 Code Scale

The Zodiac Killer Phillips 66 Map Scale

The Zodiac Killer Death Machine Letter Scale

The Zodiac Killer Halloween Card Scale


Zodiac Killer Halloween Card Posts   

Here is the original Zodiac Killer Halloween Card. We restored, colorized, and scaled this the Card. This is not a movie replica.


The Zodiac Killer Halloween Card Scale

Facts about the Halloween Card (and what the original unaltered card looked like)

The Original Zodiac Killer Halloween Card

The Blade and Chalice

 1967 Army training video showing map overlays, grid, and prepared overlays. It also shows how one may uses dots and other symbols to mark locations on maps and map overlays.

(1967) Manual Damage Assesment


       The video below is something all Zodiac investigators should acquaint themselves with. It is a 1966  basic military map reading training video. It shows you things like the difference between magnetic north, true north, and grid north among other things. Why is this important? of the items that Zodiac created and mailed to police that involves his codes was a map with the words, "is to be set to magnetic north" written in the corner of it above a compass.

Military Map Reading Direction Orientation Location With a Compass 1966

 Posts on the Zodiac Killer Phillips 66 Map Overlays

The Subliminal Secret of the Zodiac Killer Schematic (bomb and map overlay locations)

Labeling the Radians on the Phillips 66 Map

Posts on the map locations
The Dots and the Golf Connection

  The Zodiac Killer Death Clock

The Zodiac Killer Death Clock

    Examples of Map and Grid Overlays Used by the Government, Military, and other sources. This section references real-world uses and examples of creating map overlays like the Zodiac did with his bomb blueprint and the Phillips 66 map. It will show map overlaying, in historical and modern times. Remember, I add new things all the time, even to older posts. Everything is always being updated.

Examples of Government Grid Overlays

   The Zodiac Killer and the Free Masons


The Zodiac Killer and the Free Masons and other Secret Societies

Does the Zodiac Killer have a connection to the E Clampus Vitus?

The Unfinished Pyramid and Washington and Cherry

The Holt Comic Issue #30

The Red Mask Meets Lady Doom and the Death Wheel

in its entirety  
read by the Zodiac Killer

Click here to read the Tim Holt Comic Issue #30

Other interesting things from other Tim Holt Comics

Click Here

Batman and the Zodiac Killer

Charlie Chan at Treasure Island and The Zodiac....Killer

Click here to read - Charlie Chan at Treasure Island and the Zodiac Killer

 California Department of Justice Special Report
                                                      on the Zodiac Killer

 Click here to read the Department of Justice Special Report

  Break down and Transpositions of the 340 cipher

      This is a project I like to work on in my spare time. I have been experimenting with transposing the 340 in relation to the numbered quadrants. If this confuses you, all can be explained in these posts. Remember, this is just the site map or the content page.

     I have been using a special tool given to me by a friend named Dimitri. He created this to make an app. then having no further use for it, discarded it. I contacted him about tweaking his app so that one could program it to work with transposing the 340. He gave me this program. This is the only place you can find this program and it can be used to solve any substitution code.

     Below also, are a few other tools I used in relation to this program to help me with this project. I have files of all of this posted for anyone who also is interested in taking a serious approach to these projects. The programs, transposition files, tools, everything!!!, is available for download. All we ask is that you just remember the people who made this possible. Mentions help give us exposure so making it easier for others to find this information. This tool can be used on virtually any code. It has more value than just for this. A lot more. 

  Solving Tool

This tool is unique only to this site.

  Break down and Transpositions of the 340 cipher

Click Here


       We have been doing transpositions of the 340 cipher by the numbered quadrants 0,1,2,3 looking for a hidden message or an order for an actual substitution cipher. To help us, we have a few programs and one special program given to Randall by someone who used it to create a 340 solving app for android. He wrote the program specifically for that but.... you can transpose the 340 with a transposition tool/program then enter the image into this program he made. Then with just a few minutes of work, you can use this image in this program and try to solve it. It saves us a lot of work by not having to do it with pen and paper. 

    We also, have the peek a boo tool to enter these transpositions into that will allow us to look for patterns. It is a little more work but well worth it if you want to put the time into it. It will take some time to list the most 'probable' transpositions and enter them all into these programs. As we do, we want to post the programs and files for download so that we never lose them. Also, so that others can try to solve these transpositions if they so choose. In the end, all of Randall's work on this could be turned into a fun game. Make it a game, and who knows what could happen. We have asked others with similar tools to expand them so I can do this same thing. 

Peek a Boo Tool

Click Here

Here are some cool programs. Some you download while others have links to other sites. Use them!!!

Zodiac Killer 340 Cipher Web Toy

Click Here 


Mark Up Tool


 The link below will take you to a page that explains the tool

                                             Click here                                     

The link below will take you directly to the tool
                                                                          Click Here

                                 Some More Tools That May Be Very Useful                                           

Download Largo's Zodiac Font

Click Here

 Morf's Zodiac Font

Click Here

Zodiac Code Solving Software

Click Here

 Zodiac Type Writer

Click Here

Something Else That May Also Be Useful

Click Here



        This section is a collection of material that may show various things I have seen and used in my life growing up that has a relation to the things I have seen that were similar to the things the Zodiac Killer may have done with his puzzle and codes. It is also a useful collection of facts that may be relative to this investigation ......also is it just some very cool stuff that shows the difference between people in 1969 (when kids actually had to use their imagination) and now. When possible, we will show sources on

1. Secret writing

2. Mask making that resembles the mask zodiac wore at lake Berryessa. Even in the police reports, they note the similarity to the mask Zodiac wore at Lake Berryessa and a brown paper bag. Which used to be a popular thing to make masks from, as you will see in this post from examples I have found in old books.

3. Codes

4. Cardmaking

5. Creating messages by tearing words and letters out of a magazine

Click here to see

                           Zodiac Killer Words, Phrases, and Speech Patterns

                                                                   Click here to read

Let's Talk Pen Lights

 The Zodiac Atlas available on Barnes & Noble: 122 pages

$8.00 with full-color images

Click here to view the Zodiac Atlas for sale on Barnes & Noble

  The Zodiac Map available on Amazon: 122 pages

                                                    The full-color edition available for $25.00

                                          The black and white version available for only $6.00


You can click the link below to check out Randall's author page and some of the books he has written.
Coming Soon

David Toschi and Bill Armstrong at the morgue inside the Hall of Justice in San Francisco. March 29. 1974.
We colorized this image.

   A Challenge of My Own

       Here is a little challenge I posted at the end of section 8. I just thought of something. Section 8 is a military term for people who are......crazy…. lol... just a joke... Here is my challenge. I made this to show how someone might make a brain teaser like the “My Name Is cipher”. This one should actually be pretty easy. I left at least half a dozen clues and it is in the correct order. I did not mix it up... but if I were a serial killer who had created a 'code' or puzzle using the letters of my name, then I probably would have. It is also a kind of a double encrypted code (or puzzle as I look at it) in that sense. You will see what I mean when and if you solve it. Some can probably solve it without even trying to decode it just based on the two main hints I gave. So, for you people who like puzzles, codes, and brain teaser you go. Have fun with it.

Just in case you were just scrolling around and were wondering what this our articles or books!!!!

We can connect everything on the Halloween card back to the 340 code.EVERYTHING!!!

Pay attention to the "4-teen" and "Boo"

         On the 14th line, you can find the word "Boo". Also, notice how one of the "N's" in the word "knife" is written backwords in the image above. Clues, Clues, Clues, but to what?  Keep reading. You can find it all in these posts!!


                                      The Map code involves Radians..........                                             



                         Remember, the 340 code is a grid overlay that is used with the map.


           Nothing Zodiac related. This is a song and video made by some guys from my area. I support anything by anyone local...the fact that it is pretty kick-ass doesn't hurt either.. check it out... Frankenstein by Stitch Rivet.

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