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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Unfinished Pyramid and Washington & Cherry

The Zodiac Killer Enigma



                   This is actually going to be pretty interesting. If you are into this kind of thing. This is actually something the movie "Zodiac" touched on though I don't think it was intentional. Paul Stine was killed by a man and left at the corner of Washington and Cherry streets in San Francisco. The cab driver picked up his would-be killer on MASON street. On the movie "Zodiac" it shows the foundation of a new building right before Paul Stine picks up the Zodiac. Through the movie, you see the construction of this building as time passes. Must be a pretty important building in San Francisco? At the time though it was San Francisco's own unfinished pyramid.

       The Zodiac Killer was really into symbols and codes. Secret societies use lots of symbols and symbolism. One secret society best known for it is the Free Mason's. You can be a Mason and still be a member of another secret society. There are other secret societies that are actually Free Mason based. In my other posts, I have shown lots of this symbolism and how it connects to the Zodiac Killer. I don't know if he was a Mason or if he was just using the symbols as hints or clues to his codes and activities. That being said he had a working knowledge of the symbolism used by the Mason's so that gives another insight to the man. Your average person would not know this stuff or even care for that matter.

                       You have seen the Halloween card sent to San Francisco journalist Paul Avery.

Paul Avery - The Zodiac Killer Enigma

    It is my belief that the card is a clue card giving us hints. At any rate, there are some strange drawings and symbols on that card. One, in particular, is a "V" symbol. Here I am going to explore some possible connections and show you some pretty cool stuff. Washington will be mentioned a lot.

                                                  Here an image of the Halloween Card.

Zodiac Killer Halloween Card - The Zodiac Killer Enigma

                                                           Notice this symbol on the card.

                                                Pay attention to the dots on the symbol.

         I believe these dots tell us to pay attention to the dots on the unsolved 340 code. When you turn this symbol into a "connect the dots" puzzle and connect those dots the symbol shows a Masonic symbol of the square and compass.



  Connect the dots is also half of my solution to the "My name is" code. The other half I don't really talk about. To find out more about that there is a link on the main page. I will tell you this. I left enough that you can figure out a name the same way I did. If you ever figure out that name without just dismissing it and blowing it off. Then look up that name and connections with the known murder sites you will be amazed. I really wish I could say more. I really do. You can click the link below to read the section on that. One thing I can say. Whether I am right or I am wrong. No matter who the Zodiac is. One thing he never counted on was the internet and people having access to endless amounts of information at their disposal. USE IT!!!



     I ask myself  "why did he use 4 dots instead of three?". Because when you connect the dots another way it forms another Masonic symbol. The Unfinished Pyramid.

       There is also another place in the world where this strange combination of Masonic symbols can be found. WASHINGTON D.C. Named after George Washington which is also the same person all these streets named Washington are named after. The first president of the United States, code and spymaster, and a high ranking Free Mason.

         I think we all have heard the story about George Washington cutting down his father's cherry tree.  Mason Street, Washington and Cherry, Square and Compass, and the unfinished pyramid. Something I learned from social media. People today won't read something unless it is in the form of a picture. I like pictures myself...soooooo. I notice people all over the world read this. So some of you may not know this story. You can google it to find out more. It is just a famous story that every American schoolchild has heard.

   Here is a screenshot of the street layout in Washington and the street layout. You can see the symbols in the street layout, but I will highlight them anyway. Now some argue this is just coincidence... my ass it is and Mason street in San Francisco isn't named for the Free Masons either..come one. lol. There is more than one street in San Francisco with these names.

                      Here is a shot that outlines the Square and compass and the five-pointed star.
                                                                    Connect the Dots

  Here is one that no one talks about too much. The five-pointed star also forms the unfinished pyramid.

                           I saw this on something on the History Channel. That was what motivated me to go ahead add a post about the two hidden masonic symbols hidden in the strange symbol on the Halloween card. I will admit if it had not been for the movie Zodiac I probably would have never paid the TransAmerica Pyramid in San Francisco any attention. San Francisco has an abundance of Masonic architecture hidden throughout it. You can look it up on the net. There are many sites dedicated to it. I may link some here later.

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