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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Break Down and Transpositions of the Zodiac 340 Cipher(or looking for a substitution cipher in the 340 code)

The Zodiac Killer Enigma


Break Down and Transpositions of the Zodiac 340 Cipher

Remember there is more than one way the send hidden messages and the best kind of code is the one that is right in front of you but you don't even know is there.

      Over the years I have written a bunch of notes in notebooks about the Zodiac codes. Later I moved to the internet with a lot of my findings. I still have notebooks full of notes, ideas, and other possibly important things. me anyway. Other people may also find them interesting. So for the sake of never losing this stuff I am going to post all of that info here. This is just as much for me as it is for anyone. This site is basically just my online notebook anyway. So I have a lot of info that I did breaking down the 340 cipher, Looking at how it was constructed, looking for patterns, symbol counts, and things like that. I also have transpositions of the code. I have really good reason to think if he did hide a substitution type code in the 340 that he did it in a transposition type cipher. All of that will be explained when I get to it. Before I started online I did all my work with pen and paper. So I am scanning a lot of that and posting it here as jpegs. At first, some of it may seem confusing but I have a reason for everything I did and it is just the way my mind works.  It might take me a little while to get all of this posted in a coherent way... First I am going to start with 


     I found making charts in different ways helps me see the code in different patterns and different ways which gives me new ideas.  There are 62 to 63 (but I think 62) different symbols in the 340 cipher. I think there were 52 or 54 symbols in the 408. I can't remember off the top of my head but I will find out in a few and correct this. There are 26 letters in the alphabet. So in each code, he used twice as many symbols as there are in the alphabet. That tells us some of the letters of the alphabet correspond to more than one symbol in the code. I would think some letters correspond to one symbol while some correspond to more than one symbol. Probably all of the vowels correspond to more than one symbol. While letters can be more than one symbol symbol can not correspond to more than one letter. If they did then you could make the code say anything you wanted and the code wouldn't really be a code. If he made a real code then it was to send a specific message. That being said he did make mistakes (or maybe they were on purpose) in the 408 cipher he used the wrong symbol for an encoded letter a couple of times. So that is to be expected. Also what makes the code harder to solve is his misspelling of words. (I am working on listing them all) While we know he can spell correctly this tells us in his letters his misspelled words seem to be on purpose. I'm not sure if he did that to make us try to look for a suspect of lower education or intelligence (which it is obvious he is not) or to give us hints on how to spell certain words to crack his code. He may have just did it to mess with us. I think some of his mistakes may have been common mistakes everyone makes when writing letters but the majority were done on purpose. 

First, let's look at the symbols in the code

62 - 63 symbols
(I think 62 but I will talk more on this in a bit)

                                  when you look at it like this it seems manageable

The most repeating symbol is the "+" symbol. 
Later I will add in more thoughts on this. 

       These are a couple of transpositions I did by hand. I recently found a tool online that makes this a whole lot easier and makes the transpositions easier to study. I did a lot of hand cramping work on this so I just wanted to keep these two. I actually have notebooks full of these also but that was before I found the dots on the 340 code cut it into 4 quadrants and number them in the order of 0,1,2,3. Which I think is also how you find the radians on the map using it as an overlay. I will try to explain all of this in this post and show how and why the 340 is constructed the way it is. I made a lightbox just for this. since he had to use something like a lightbox or a projector to use a grid overlay to make the 340 it makes sense he may have given us an overlay code which is called "visual cryptography" or overlay masking". (note to self. need to list the kinds of professions that this would be common in such as engineer, artist, teacher, medical people, etc...,) Since I found the bomb drawing matches and marks locations on the Phillips 66 map in an overlay it gives me a good reason to believe the 340 also may play a part in an overlay. A lot of people get mad at me for saying that but I had reason to believe the 340 was used as an overlay and found a lot of supporting evidence. Like it or not it is a known thing in the secret message and code world. The rest of my site deals with all of that and I have shown there is good reason to believe that (because that is how I think you find the radians the zodiac mentioned. I will also post more supporting info on that here) but this post is just going to deal with breaking down the 340 and finding a possible transposition/substitution cipher. If there is a substitution type code in the 340 then there is good reason to believe it has to be transposed (because if it didn't it would have been solved by now)  and if does have to be transposed then there is good reason to believe it has something to do with the 4 quadrants numbered by the dots in the order of 0,1,2,3.. In mot going to explain these 2 transpositions here because you are going to see more on this further down this post. 

     The images below I did years ago when I first started trying to solve the 340. That was before I believed it had to be transposed but I still want to keep them for study and they may help someone else looking for patterns in the 340. I did this looking for word patterns. I would start with a symbol then look for repeating symbols after and before that symbol then move one to 3, 4, 5, symbols looking for pattern and repetition in the code. If you find patterns then you have found repeating words or word structures. I will be doing the same thing with these transpositions I am doing but I will not post them. If you find the pattern then you have the code halfway solved. 

   Here I was looking for word patterns in the 340. This is my process and everyone has their own way. I did more than this but I think they have been misplaced. I did quite a few of these. I mean I literally have notebooks full of stuff. 


     Here I am going to break the 340 down into four sections. This breakdown goes along with my overlay theory and if you look at the rest of my site you will see why. Here I am dealing with the 4 quadrant breakdown as a possible solution to a hidden substitution cipher by transposing the 4 quadrants. If there is a substitution type code this could explain why it was never solved. Honestly, I thought someone else would try this when I suggested it a long time ago before I had a chance to really give it an in-depth look. The 408 was broken up and mailed into three sections. I think the 340 is basically the same but he just didn't make it as obvious. I have a really good feeling about this. Either way, I'm going to put it to rest....maybe..but we will figure a few new things out and if I don't get anywhere at least we will know one more thing the code is not. While that may not sound important it is. 

First, there are things in the 340 that just by looking at it make you want to split it into 4 sections. 

Then there are more subtle but very important clues to dividing the code into 4 quadrants. 

    I feel those dots and numbers are the most important thing to this code. Dots are important in the code world. I always look at the dots. I have seen something like this before but for the life of me, I can't remember where.  I have done a lot with the dots on the overlays which you can see on my other posts but if there is a code here that is found by transposing the cipher then those numbers give us the order of the transposition. 

    Then you have clues given by the Zodiac in other letters and cards. I'm not going to do too much explaining on these because you can see with your own eyes where I am going. I can connect everything on the Halloween card to the 340. Even the v symbol which I think is basically just a hint to the code being a grid. Notice he wrote "14" and "Boo" on the card. He wrote "Boo" on the 14th line of the code. He sent this card as clues to the 340. It basically tells us to divide the 340 into 4 quadrants. 

    In the Halloween card he promised to clue us in (which I think all of the cards are clue cards like in a game) You see the back of the Halloween card is split into 4 quadrants with the words "BY" in each quadrant. You can fund these words in the 4 sections of the 340 code. In fact, whenever I attack the 340 as a traditional sub cipher I start with the words "by fire" by knife" in the code and go from there but I will talk more about that later. 

    You see the Zodiac symbol at the bottom of the code I pasted in? That is another clue from another letter the Zodiac sent cluing us into dividing the 340 into 4 sections. It corresponds and matches the dots in the code when you draw lines from the point of origin (the point of origin is the point where the two lines intersect or the x and y-axis). Since Zodiac used an overlay grid to make the code (which he had to do) I started looking at the code itself as an overlay grid for the map. Still, there could be a hidden subcode in the 340. That is something I would do. 

Those lines I believe are how you find the radians on the map, but the fact he mentioned radians I believe is another hint to dividing the code into 4 quadrants. 

     After I figured out the 4 quadrant thing I started seeing hints to it hidden everywhere. Look at how big he drew that "Zodiac" symbol. He didn't draw it dividing the entire page in half for no reason. It divides almost that whole page into 4 sections (like the  Halloween card and the 340) and then mentions the mt. Diablo code involves radians. I think the 340 is one half of the mt Diablo and the map is the second half. To use radians you have to have angles and circles. I deal with all of that on other posts but here I am looking for a possible hidden message by transposing the 340 by these 4 quadrants. I have been learning about trigonometry, radians, and navigation to further my work on the map and radians. I have old books and I have been using apps. I want to add something in right here I found on a teaching app I downloaded that speaks to radians and the 4 quadrant theory. 

Quadrant Angle = A quadrant angle is one that is in the standard position and has a measure that is a multiple of 90 degrees (or pi/2 radians) 

    Quadrants and radians ... Funny how he mentioned radians and I mentioned he has all these clues to quadrants (qua meaning  4).  I'm just saying it lends it validity. Personally, I think I have shown mountains of evidence all over my site to support this quadrant, radian, overlay theory, but again we are looking for a hidden message based on this theory by transposing the 340.

    I have to look to see if you can find a hidden message or a substitution cipher based on transposing the 340 by the numbered quadrants 0,1,2,3. I have done notebooks full of transpositions of the 340 but that was before I figured out the numbered quadrant thing. I was doing so much at that time with the overlays and other codes that I never had time to explore transposing the 340 based on that order. So all of this is new to me. That means I will either fail or succeed but either way I am posting all my work as I go along. That means I don't know what is about to happen or what we are about to find. 

    I found a tool online made by David Oranchak for transposing the 340 into different orders. I wish I had found it years ago. I had been playing with his 340 web toy which lets you try to solve the code as a sub cipher but doesn't let you transpose it in the way I would like to. I had just asked him the other day if he could make a version of that web toy that lets you transpose ..or makes a version of his transposition tool that also lets you solve. It would save me all kinds of work and I'm willing to bet I am not the only one who would find it useful and fun. I didn't know about his transposition tool when I asked him. He has replied to me but. but I haven't had time to read it yet. I do hope he creates a new tool that combines these two things. here is a link to his 340 transposition tool. 

    I was doing all of this by hand which was a lot of work and not as easy as you would think. I am left-handed and it actually cramps my hand after a while so it took me a lot of time. Then when I made a mistake I had to start all over. Finding this tool was like the greatest thing in the world and if he ever reads this I just want to say thank you, David, for making tools like that for anyone to use. 

   So, there are a few ways you could transpose the 340 based on the numbered quadrants. There is one symbol at a time from each quadrant vertical and horizontal (top to bottom or left to right or maybe even the reverse of that). With and without the dots (which does change the symbol pattern of the transposition), with and without the quadrant numbered 0. The 0 quadrants may or may not be used. Then you could transpose it line by line horizontal and vertical, with and without the dots, with and without the 0 quadrant. There is lining up the whole quadrants in the numbered order with and without the 0 quadrant. I feel those are the most obvious transpositions to try and start with. 

   Personally, I feel the one symbol at a time horizontal (left to right) without the dots is the most likely transposition but I will transpose them all. That way I can compare and look for possible word patterns in the different transpositions.  If one seems like it has more patterns than another then I will try it. Some of the transpositions the dots do not matter but transposing symbol by symbol they could stop us from solving the code by throwing off the pattern in the transposition. Some of the transposition include and some exclude the bottom line. Depending on how you transpose it the bottom line could mess it up. For example, if he encoded the transposition vertically one symbol at a time and the bottom line is just filler (because he wrote zodiac at the end makes me think that) then it could mess the transposition up and we couldn't solve it.  

    I did not include the center vertical like in any of these because excluding it gives each quadrant the same about of lines and symbols. I am going to do a demonstration of how and why I think the 340 code was made with my lightbox and an overlay grid. I will add it here later. For now, I will explain.

    I think he started with a blank overlay grid with 340 squares. He then filled out the dividing lines that split the code in half vertically (up and down) with random or "hintful" symbols. He then put the dots on the code in specific places numbering the quadrants and marking locations for the map code. Then with the remaining squares, he either gave us a false code to trick us or he took an enciphered code and transposed it into these 4 quadrants. I also think he then made another overlay mask with the bomb drawing that is used with the 340 and map as part of a code and hint at the same time. Using those is how I found the murder of Susan Nason.  The reason I think the bottom lines may not play a part is that he signed a zodiac symbol and the name Zodiac at the end of the 340. I can transpose it in some of the transpositions anyway because the bottom lines would be at the end of the message and if it is nothing then it wouldn't matter. Others like the vertical symbol by symbol I have to make versions leaving the bottom lines out because it throws the patterns off. 

    I haven't had time to study these in detail yet or double-check I made no mistakes in the transpositions...Just from first glance some of them look promising just by the number of double symbols I saw and repeating symbol patterns. I am kind of excited now. I should have sent these out to my friends and told them I wrote a secret message just to see if they could figure it out. hahaha. I should have sent the first one to Richard Grinell. That would be epic. Let them solve the 340 for me and not even know it. lol, I all seriousness I do hope my friends and other people see these and do try to solve it. I posted it for two reasons . 1. It makes it easier for me to keep organized and find for my own purposes 2. someone else might see it and solve it. I feel like if there is a substitution code in the 340 cipher there is a very strong possibility the answer to it is in one of the transpositions below. I hope some of my friends see these and go for it. I know I will be working on it. again..I feel the first few have the best probability but I did all the most obvious transpositions so I can compare and study them. Posting them all help me keep them organized and gives me access to them anytime. we go


I refer to lines 10 and 20 as the bottom lines
I refer to the dividing line as the 9th vertical (from up and down) of the code
I was working on some one of these when I noticed in the transposition it spelled out 
I haven't studied any of them in detail yet but when saw what was practically the word bomb catch my eye ...I got really interested. 

     I recently spoke to the creator of the android app Zodiac Crypt. For all you code guys out there I recommend it. It is like the web toy I posted the link to above. It has a few more features but I asked him if there was a way I could load these transpositions on it. He said he didn't have time to tweak the app but he had an old program he wrote that might help me. He created the program just for marking up the 340 for use on his android app and he never intended it to be used to anything else. An image of the 340 is loaded onto this program then you use a grid to mark each symbol. Then you can solve it lie a sub cipher just like on his app or the web toy. The thing is that you can load an image of any code into this program and not just the 340. So, I (or you) could load any code and more important my transpositions I have posted below. I plan to load each one and create a "markup up file" that can be saved and loaded onto the program. It will be a little work but well worth it. I am going to post these files for download. The program requires Java to run. You may have to download it also if you don't have it. Thank you Dmitry Akishin. You can find his app "Zodiac Crypt" in the play store. 

   The program was not created to solve codes it was created to make part of an android app for solving a code but in an unexpected twist it turns out this program is perfect for solving any substitution type code. This makes it priceless to me but the creator and I want to stress it was not made for this purpose but it can be used for it. Personally, I love it and I thank Dmitry for creating and sharing it. Anyone truly interested in code-breaking will love it. I am going to create a file for each code below and post it below each code. That way I can never lose them because it is a little bit of work. That also gives others the opportunity to try these. To get the files to work first you must load an image of the code you are working on in the section marked original image" then load the "zdcm" file in the section labeled "mark up" then you can try to solve the code. Let's say you have a code you want to try on it. You load an image of the code in the section labeled "original" image. Then in the section labeled mark up click the "create" button. Then you set a grid over the code and start clicking and identifying each symbol in the code. When you are finished the program creates and saves a "zdcm" file for that code. Later to work on that code again you load the image of the code in the section labeled "original image" then load the "zdcm" file in the section labeled "mark up". You can then work on solving your code. You're the man Dmitry!!!

They are all labeled but I need to figure out a way to mark each one. 
I haven't had a chance to double-check any of these for mistakes yet


One symbol at a time horizontal quadrants 1,2,3 without dots
I haven't studied any of these yet but I think these first two are most probable

I have to copy these to my notebook so I can work on them. So as I do that I think I will post them here so I can print them out. That will save me a lot of work.

     I post these so I don't lose them in case something happens to my computer. Someone else out there may want to try these. Hopefully, this will always be here for future people to see, read, and use. To get this file to work on the Zodiac Cipher Solving program you must first load the image of the code above in the section marked "original image" then load the "zdcm" file in the section labeled "markup". You can then try to solve the cipher. I plan to make a "zdcm" file for each transposed image of the 340 cipher. It is a little work but well worth it. 

    I feel really good about this or some version of this. This is one symbol from each quadrant at a time left to right without the dots from quadrants 1,2, and 3. Quadrant 0 is not included in this and the bottom lines don't really matter because they would not mess up the pattern versus if I had done the transposition vertically(up and down). It is possible it is vertical because the words on the back of the Halloween card are vertical but since we write horizontal I thought I would start that way.

   How was the 408 solved? Chances are he would start the message with either "I" or "this". He started the 408 with "I" and then every other symbol like that symbol was "I"/ He knows this is one of the weaknesses in his last code and one of the ways they solved it. These transpositions start with a U and they are not like but a few U's in the code. This gives me hope that he did this on purpose to strengthen the encryption. 

     Also, they knew he would use the word kill. So they looked for double repeating symbols. He knew this was another weakness and I do see like one double repeating symbols but we know that a lot of letters in the alphabet have more than one corresponding symbol in the code so instead of double repeating symbols we may see different repeating symbols side by side and I do see quite a bit of that going on. I see more patterns right off than I did in the untransposed 340. If you study it for a few minutes you will see some actual symbol patterns. I have written some in my notebook and I will upload an image here later. This gives me hope that at least if this is not the right way to transpose it that I am on the right track and one of the others below may be the correct way. It will take some time of study to figure this out though and I'm in no hurry. I usually work on it a couple of hours before I go to sleep. I am feeling hopeful. Still, it could be nothing or it could be close ....or it could be it... I will just keep playing around with it making words and sentences until something comes out of it that makes sense. I think the + symbol maybe some type of vowel since it appears the most. The vowels and "R S T L N E" probably have more corresponding symbols than the lesser used letters of the alphabet. I could be completely wrong also. I am just writing my thoughts. Can I buy a vowel. Write me a letter. give me a clue. Come one man ........


1 symbol vertical quadrants 1,2,3 without bottom lines without dots

  I feel this is the second most probable of these because the words on the Halloween card are written vertically. I have another version of this further down with the bottom lines included and one with the 0 quadrant includes. I moved this up because I feel just by the clues and the way it was transposed it has a higher probability. I haven't had a chance to study in-depth myself yet. Right now, my aim is to get all of the transpositions finished. The version that includes the 0 quadrant may also have a good probability. Also, versions that include the bottom lines.  They can be found at the bottom of the list. 

1 symbol vertical (up & down) quadrants 1,2,3 without bottom lines without dots

Screenshot of the transposition tool


one symbol at a time horizontal left to right all four quadrants 0,1,2,3 without dots


One symbol at a time left to right all four quadrants 0,1,2,3 with dots


One symbol at a time left to right quadrants 1,2,3 with dots


One line at a time left to right all four quadrants 0,1,2,3 with dots 


One line at a time left to right quadrants 1,2,3 with dots


Whole Quadrants

Whole quadrants in the order of 0,1,2,3 with dots


Whole quadrants in the order of 1,2,3 with dots


  Inline transpositions. I just lined the 4 quadrants up in the order 0,1,2,3. This actually is similar to a theory put out by the FBI once. They recommended trying to put the top half and bottom half beside each other and they felt there was a hidden message somewhere in the first three lines. I am guessing they saw some kind of symbol frequency so this one is high on my list of probability. That being said I need to explore the first three line theory they put out in conjunction with the numbered quadrants. 


inline 1,2,3

I may do versions of these later without the dots. 

These are the same as above. I just switched them to the correct order and they include the centerline
Looking at things from different perspectives sometimes helps.

I just switched the 1 and 2 quadrants in these next two transpositions. 

This switch includes the bottom line


This switch excludes the bottom lines.
What that means is I left lines 10 and 20 as they were.


These are inline switches with the center dividing line included
as a reminder, I refer to the 9th vertical line (up and down) the code and the dividing line

    I don't feel like lining them up like this is how it goes, but I remember a code guy from the FBI said one time that they feel like if you split the top half and the bottom half and place them side by side that they think there is a message in the first three line somewhere. So lining them up by the numbered quadrant might be the key to it. I would rather do post something that doesn't work than not post something that does work. 

This is the same as the one above.


I haven't had a chance to do any without the dots.
(which could be really important)


                             Vertical rows without bottom lines quadrants 0,1,2,3 with dots.


                               Vertical rows without bottom lines quadrants 1,2,3 with dots.


                                     Vertical lines quadrants 1,2,3 with bottom lines with dots.


                                 Vertical lines quadrants 0,1,2,3 with bottom lines with dots.



1 symbol at a time vertical quadrants 1,2,3 without bottom line with dots.
(need to make vertical without dots, 2cd most probable)


1 symbol at a time vertical quadrants 0,1,2,3 without bottom line with dots.


1 symbol at a time vertical  quadrants 1,2,3 with bottom lines with dots.


                    One symbol at a time vertical quadrants 0,1,2,3 with the bottom line with the dots.

One symbol vertical (from up to down) quadrants 0,1,2,3 with bottom lines without dots.


1 symbol vertical(from up & down) quadrants 0,1,2,3 without bottom lines without dots. 


1 symbol vertical (from up & down) quadrants 1,2,3 without bottom lines without dots.
(I will move this on further up the list)


1 symbol vertical (from up to down) quadrants 1,2,3 with the bottom line without dots.

    That is it for the transpositions. I have a few ways I want to break the 340 down also but I will try that later. Now I want to study these and try to find possible word patterns and maybe even a whole cipher. The vertical transpositions could be probable also because he wrote the words by fire, by knife, etc..., vertically on the back of the card. Anyway, I feel if it is a transposition/substitution cipher that the answer will be in one of these. I transposed all of the most likely patterns so if one doesn't work I can cross it off the list and move on to the next. It might take some time but then I might get lucky. I hope other people have enough faith in this to try also. 

    I will also double check these to make sure I didn't make any mistakes. I can get complicated and confusing at times where I am working on so many things while trying to keep everything organized, but I think everything is good to go. More things will be added to this page later

    One more thing I want to look into also. I started thinking he wrote the words on the Halloween card vertically which I thought about the trigrams one the code. Then I thought about the number order in the quadrants. So I looked at the trigrams and also noticed when you draw lines through both of them, they divide the code exactly in half diagonally. So I started thinking about another possible way to transpose the code. it has to deal with making the quadrant order correct and transposing each quadrant in a different direction. so I am going to start looking for symbol patterns in every direction of the 340. For now, I am posting this here just to try to give a visual of what is going on in my head. I will also see if I can "bend" the code someway to straighten it out. I will be thinking about it. 

Or maybe they are already in order and you start with 1 and go to three with the trigrams some way. I have to think about it but it might be a good idea. 

     The image above is from a program called Peek a Boo. You can actually find lots of programs and apps out there for the 340 cipher. The one Dmitry shared with me is priceless to me though when combined with David Oranchaks 340 transposer because you can transpose and solve. This "peek a boo" program can also be useful in finding and identifying patterns in these transpositions. It works a little different than the app Dmitry shared with me. I wanted to post this here for several reasons. One is to show some patterns in the 340. All of that chicken scratch I posted at the beginning of this post shows almost the same thing. First, I want to make files for solving the transpositions then I will try to figure out how to use them in this program to identify patterns. To see if one has more probability that another of being solved. One thing at a time though. I just have to put in the work. Just a little bit here and there and before I know it I will have it all done. Then the fun part comes.....trying to solve. 

     I have to add the "peekaboo" program above is freeware but they want you to download it from their site. The link they provided is dead though. I posted a link to it in my personal online web storage. I do that so I know I will always have it and things like dead links won't happen. They do have a link to it on but I think the original site was I have to mention these sites out of respect and I will add the creator's name here later. I am glad we have people who go out of their way to create programs like this for all of us to use. Rarely do these people ever get a thank you. I posted links to their sites and if anything I hope they will just be happy I am putting their programs to work on an actual project. I will use any source I can to help me. As I mentioned, there are lots of programs out there if you look. One day in the future I hope some programmer reads this and writes a super zodiac app with all of these programs I have posted on here with all of their functions combined. If they don't I will (so someone probably will lol). It could be used to solve any code and would probably be popular not only to the public but the intelligence community. I would love to see all these apps combined into one that can identify patterns, transpose in any way, solve like on Davids and Dmitry's apps, and look for substitution solutions like in the SCRB SOLVER program that can identify more than one symbol linked to one letter. I am writing a wish list to Santa. lol Just think of the capabilities of such a program. I would love to see a super cipher solver like that. It is very possible and all it takes is a little time to create. Combine such an app in the future with AI and who knows what is possible. AI takes the fun out of it but if it were important that a certain cipher is solved then that could be cool. Write now I am just wishful thinking. I do want to thank the people who create these and give them a shout out. Here is an image from the "peekaboo" app I am posting out of respect to the creator's and their wishes. 

   I need to link to a Zodiac keyboard used to make text files with zodiac cipher symbols. I can then use them in the "peekaboo" app to look for patterns. It just makes it easier to identify them and share what I find with others. You can download the font to use on your computer and I have used it once or twice. I am just new to actually using this program even though I have seen it around for a long time. I have to figure out how to put my transpositions onto it for analysis. I think I will try to figure out how to do that today. A lot of my work isn't really forming theories on killers. What I like to do is gather data and intelligence then compile it. The let the data lead me to the next thing. I don't just look at one possible thing...I try to gather info on every possible thing from the clues in the codes and letters. Then, if others have a suspect that they can apply it to, they are more than welcome to do so. The biggest mistake I ever made was pointing out a name in "my name is cipher". Only because that is the thing most people pay attention to. Then when the name isn't the name of their suspect they blow off everything I have done even though it could help them. They just don't look. Just because there may be a name in the "my name is cipher", that doesn't mean it is the name of the killer. There are lots of possibilities that I wish I could point out but I can't without talking about a name. A name is there.. the question is what is the significance of it? 

Some links to zodiac keyboards that may be useful in this project at some point

Online zodiac keyboard

Zodiac killer cipher generator

Just something cool I may use at some point 

Another cool keyboard that may be helpful at some point 

    Here is a link to another fun program I use sometimes. Zodiac ciphers have multiple symbols for one letter. Cipher solvers like these only let you use one symbol with one letter. If would be fun if someone would create one that lets you use multiple symbols per letter but it is harder than it sounds. That is ok anyway because with just a little creativity you can use a program like this one to possibly solve segments of zodiac type ciphers. No matter how you use it or not (which I most def do) it is fun to have but it is actually a very helpful tool for me and may come in handy later. 

    Another element of this project I have to complete is transcribing the Zodiac letters into text document format so they can be used to create "ngrams" and such for programs like the one above. Even though you can only query a small section of the code with this program because of the complexity of the code...still...if you can crack just half a sentence, then, that could be the key to cracking the whole code. And I just enjoy using this program. It is one of the best I have seen for substitution cipher solving. So I will get to work transcribing the letters. I will try to do at least one a day till I have them completed. You could use an OCR program to convert the letters but it might just be easier to do it the old fashioned way in this case. I have to get all the puzzle pieces gathered. After I get them all gathered I will do a second post ..a part two to this where I can do more organization. I actually had this done a long time ago then my computer was stolen. 

     I like SCRB because, for example, let's say you are stuck. With a program like this, you could convert the zodiac letters into text files and input them into the program so it can look for words and phrases used by the zodiac in the section of code you input. The drawback is that it can only search for one letter per one symbol so you can only use small segments of a code like the zodiacs. if the whole code you were trying to crack was one symbol=one letter then it could solve the whole code and it is a very good program but just imagine if someone put a little more work into this program and it had the capability to attach more than one symbol per letter.....I have yet to see one like that and it would take a program like that to completely crack a cipher like that written by the zodiac. A program like that would be made. If any programmers ever read this please do that and if you want to go above and beyond then combine the elements of all the programs posted on this page into one program and I think then, there is no way a code like the zodiacs would remain unsolved for long. I am just adding that to my wish list. I know a program with all of these combined into one can be made. If you can make a game like GTA or Call of Duty then a program that solves codes with all the elements of the programs I have posted on this page can be written. The thing is most of these guys are rarely ever recognized or appreciated for the work they do so they have no incentive. I appreciate the work these guys do and I do recognize it.  

I have a few more programs I may post links to at the end when I have all my other work finished. 

Transcriptions of the Zodiac Killer letters Verbatim

New plan. I was going to transcribe the Zodiac letter on MS-Notepad and save them in a text file. I was then going to make them available for download. Now I think I will just transcribe them right here. They can be copied and pasted if needed. After I finish transcribing I may put them on a post all there own and still offer a download of the text file. I think to post them as I go along will make me work harder and since it is part of this 340 cipher project I can post them right here. I will update as needed.  It is the misspellings, the phrases and sentence structure is why this part is so important to help to crack the code. Wouldn't it be something if we cracked the code and it turns out zodiac had already sent us the solution to it in one of his letters? a possibility to explore. I also have to make a text list of the words and phrases section. 


Bates had to die there will be more.

2. Transcribed Verbatim.

    She was young and beautiful.  but now she is battered and dead. she is not the first and she will not be the last. I lay awake nights thinking about my next victim. maybe she will be the beautiful blond that babysits near the little store and walks down the dark alley each evening about seven. or maybe she will be the shapely blue eyed brownett that said no when I asked her for a date in highschool. but maybe it will not be either. but I shall cut off her female parts and deposit them for the whole city to see. so don't make it easy for me. keep your sisters, daughters, and wives off the streets and alleys. miss bates was stupid . she went to the slaughter like a lamb. she did not put up a struggle.   but i did.  it was a ball. i first pulled the middle wore from the distributor.  then I waited for her in the library and followed her out after about two minuts. the battery must have been about dead by then. I offered to help. she was then very willing to talk with me. I told her that my car was down the street and that I would give her a lift home. when we were away from the library walking, i said it was about time. she asked me "about time for what". I said it was about time for her to die. I grabbed her around the neck with my hand over her mouth and my other hand with a small knife at her throat. she went very willingly. her breast felt very warm and firm under my hands, but only one thing was on my mind. making her pay for the brush offs that she had given me during the years prior. she died hard. she squirmed and shook as I choaked her, and her lips twiched, she let out a scream once and I kicked her head to shut her up. I plunged the knife into her and it broke. I then finished the job by cutting her throat. I am not sick. I am insane. but that will not stop the game. this letter should be published for all to read it. It just might save that girl in the alley, but that's up to you. it will be on your conscience. not mine. yes I did make that call to you also, it was just a warning, beware. . .  I am stalking your girls now.

                                                    CC. chief of police                                                                                                                               Enterprise                                                                        

                                                                        3. Transcribed Verbatim.                                                                                   

Dear Editor ,                               
I am the killer of the 2 teenagers last christmass at lake herman + the girl last 4rth of july. to prove this I shall state some facts which only I + the police know.   


1 brandname of ammo - super x
2 10 shots fired
3 boy was on his back with foot to car
4 girl was lyeing on right side feet to west

4th of july
1 girl was wearing patterned pants
2 boy was also shot in knee
3 ammo was made by western  

   Here is a cipher or part of one. the other 2 parts are being mailed to the vallejo times + s.f. chronicle
I want you to print this cipher on the frunt page by Fry afternoon Aug 1-69. If you do not print this cupher , I will go on a kill rampage Fry night. This will last the whole weekend , I will cruse around killing people who are alone at night untill sun night or untill I kill a dozen people. 

Dear Editor

This is the murderer of the 2 teenagers last christmass at lake herman + the girl on the 4th of july near the golf course in vallejo. To prove I killed them I shall state some facts which only i + the police know.


1 brand name of ammo super x
2 10 shots were fired
3 the boy was on his back with his feet to the car
4 the girl was on her right side feet to the wesr

4th july

1 girl was wearing paterned slacks
2 the boy was also shot in the knee
3 brand name of ammo was western 


here is part of a cipher the other 2 parts of this cipher are being mailed to the editors of the vallejo times + sf examiner.
I want you to print this cipher on the frunt page of your paper. In this cipher is my identity. 
If you do not print this cipher by the afternoon of Fry. 1st of Aug 69, I will go on a kill rampage Fry night. I will cruse around all weekend killing lone people in the night then move on to kill again, untill I end up with a dozen people over the weekend. 

(this one is hard to read, I will do the best I can til a get a readable version)

Dear Editor

This is the Zodiac Speaking. In answer to your asking for more details about  the good times I have had in vallejo, I shall be very happy to supply even more materials. By the way, are the police haveing a good time with the code?If not , tell them to cheer up ; when they do crack it they will have me. On the 4th of july : 
I did not open the car door. the window was rolled down all ready.The boy was origionaly sitting in the frunt seat when I began fireing. when I fired the first shot at his head he leaped backwards at the same time thus spoiling my aim. he ended up on the back seat then the floor in back trashing (thoshing)? (over)?  very violently with his legs ; 
(the afs)? how I shot him in the knee. I did not leave the cene of the killing with squealling tires +  raceing engine as described in the vallejo paper.. i drove away quite slowly  so as not to draw  attention to my car. The man who told the police that my car was brown was a negro about 40-45 rather shabbly  dressed. I was at this phone booth haveing some fun with the vallejo cop when he was walking by. when I hung the phone up the dam x@ thing began to ring + that drew his attention to me + my car.

Last Christmass
In that episode the police were wondering as to how I could shoot + hit my victoms in the dark. They did not openly state this , but implied this by saying it was a well lit night + i could see the silowets on the horizin. Bullshit , that area is surrounded by high hills + trees. What I did was tape a small pencel flash light to the barrel of my gun . if you notice, in the center of the beam of light if you aim it at a wall or cielling you will see a black or darck spot in the centre of the circle of light aprox 3 to 6 in. across. when taped to a gun barre the bullet will strike exactly in the center of the black dot in the light. All I had to do was spray them as if it was a water hose ; there was no need to use the gun sights. i was not happy to see that I did not get frunt page cover again. 

no adress (corrected to address..also found he used the word dot in this letter) 


The FBI Theory

   A while back on a show on the History Channel..(not The Hunt For the Zodiac) a different show. They did an ..interview...we will call it with the head of the FBI's code-breaking division... At least that is what they said. They put so much bullshit on these shows who knows, but it seemed on the level. I think Tom Voight and those guys had something to do with it so it was probably on the level. I have never really talked to Tom or those guys. We talked once a long time ago but I doubt if they remember it. Anyway, on that show this man from the FBI said they may have a piece of advice. you take the 340 code. 

and you duplicate it then put it side by side like this

So basically you have just taken the bottom half of the code and placed it beside the top half which is basically 

They said they believed somewhere in these three lines they think there could be a hidden message. 

     They never said why they thought that all they said was we hope this helps someone out. We may be able to find out more about the who, why, when .where, and how somewhere online but I assume they had a reason for thinking this because is the FBI. lol then like any human ...they can be wrong.. Just because they are the FBI doesn't mean they are infallible, but then we shouldn't ignore the idea either is the FBI. 

So basically they are saying this could hold an actual hidden message of some kind. 

Their idea and my idea isn't too much different. Remember the numbered quadrants , 0,1,2,3.

    The fact that the numbers start with 0 makes me think even more this is not a coincidence. Every person that has been in high school math class knows proper numbering (for lack of a better word right now) starts with 0. Because you have negative and positive numbers . 1 is not the first number. 0 is. 

    So what if we label their variant but the numbered quadrants they belong to. I am just posting this all for study and thought experiments. I will also try to make charts for them to be entered into the peekaboo tool and the solving tool. It is hard to enter them into the peekaboo tool but I am getting better at it so if I make mistakes take it easy on me. Try it and see for yourself, but it is worth it. 

   So let's divide and number these sections. The dividing is a problem because it is not evenly divided by four but if we do find a pattern and I divided it wrong then it would be an easy fix. So, for now, let's just divide it, study it, and see what happens.  

Now lets put them in the correct order and see what happens. 

            Here is a final product of both for study.The top is 0,2,1,3 and the bottom is 0,1,2,3.

All of this is just ideas for study and they may spark the idea that gives us the big breakthrough. Who knows. 

    It is all about trying to figure out if there is a substitution cipher in the 340 code and if so what role do these numbered quadrants play in solving it. No matter what these numbered quadrants are important. I have already shown how they can be used with the 66 map. Recently I have been reading military field manuals and such and I read how the military use grids (which I knew from ROTC map reading class) and a coded number system used with the grids on the map to hide locations from the enemy. Another way is by masking an overly like I have shown on my other posts, but I started thinking what if the 340 is the grid ( which I have always believed it was) and the 32 code (jkf wrote) is the key to the 340 grid? That is something else I am going to look at in the future. 

    There is another idea I want to explore here. It is believed Zodiac sent a christmass card (which I do believe) with a xeroxed copy of a picture of two keys. Two keys are a masonic symbol which I need to post more one and it may give us some insight but what if it is a clue that the 340 has more than one key?  What if each half has a different key or what if each quadrant had a different key? 

     So here I am going to break the 340 down into two halves and the four sections but the four quadrants. Then I will make files for each for the peek a boo tool to show the patterns and the files for the solving tool so we can try to solve each quadrant one at a time and see what happens. Who knows? Either way, it is worth trying.

Here are some Markup files I made using Oranchak's Markup program. 
Another very useful tool he created.
Here is a link to his tool.

 By Richard Grinell


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