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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Did the Zodiac Killer Murder Susan Nason

The Zodiac Killer Enigma

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Susan Nason

    I did some work with overlays where I overlayed the zodiac 340 cipher onto the map. If you want to know all the detail about all of this, then you just simply must to go to the main page and read sections 1 -8. In those overlays I found marked locations on the map. I also used a bomb diagram sent by the zodiac as an overlay on the map. I proved this bomb drawing matches the map. It gives a few marked locations and highlights a section of the highway with a string of bombs. Look for yourself. Don't take my word for it. Believe your own eyes. 

    I have a post that goes into more detail about this you can find it on the main page or click the link above. The Subliminal Secret of the Zodiac Killer Schematic. Spoiler. The bomb drawing is a threat against a school and one of the locations marked is a school. I just wonder what his connection with this school is if any. Did he work there, did he go to school there, did he live near it, does it mean anything at all? I would like to know. 

    The 340 also marks this same location that is marked in the bomb schematic overlay with a string of bombs. The funny thing about this section that is marked with bombs ..I actually found a bomb there. You can google it or look it up and see it on google earth. I just thought that was funny. I don't know if it is coincidence or if zodiac was somehow connected to the events that lead to this memorial at this location that has an actual bomb (not active) in a memorial statue for the events that happened at this location. That place used to be where the navy stored its bombs then one day they were loading a ship and a bomb went off which then started a chain reaction and a lot of people were killed. 

    Using that same bomb schematic I found a hidden message in the 340 that read " i took her, luv Zodiac" Some have attacked this but I stand by it. I then said I can only guess he took some girl from one of these locations. On the first location marked on the 340 map overlay, I found the still-unsolved murder of 9-year-old Susan Nason. I have info about this murder spread out all over the site. It makes it hard for me when I want to talk about this or find info on it. So this article is going to be a gathering of that information plus a little but if new information I found. I am going to make my argument for this right here. 

    First, some will say "no this wasn't a zodiac murder it doesn't fit the pattern." Do you even know what the pattern is? Is it just killing young couples? Did Paul Stine fit the pattern? Do you know what the real pattern is? I think I do. Killings of opportunity in places he frequented. It makes sense. I mean you know he is going to hunt in the places he knew and felt comfortable in. Also while I do feel zodiac had some kind of relationship with some of his victims ie...Cheri Bates and Darlene Ferrin.. you know if he is out somewhere doing whatever he did in his everyday life and sees an opportunity he is going to seize on it. 

    Some are going to say well she was too young, She was just a kid. Most don't realize it but all of his known victims but Stine were kids. Yes, she is a little young. Zodiac said the map coupled with this code will tell you where the bomb is set. He then sent this little code.

     I took that hint that the map was supposed to be coupled with "a code" and just coupled the 340 with the code. I think the little code he sent was also a hint to that. It has 17 letters in the first line like the 340.  Some have told me(and the same people are going to say Nason was not a zodiac victim) that he said you had to use this code not the 340 with the map.  Well to those people I say if you want to take the word of a serial killer and take everything he said at face value (because you know he is trustworthy lol...sarcasm)  then yes Zodiac could have and would have murdered Susan Nason. That is if you want to take him at his word like some have told me so many times about this code pairing I did, but if you want to take the Zodiac at his word...


I don't know if Zodiac killed Susan Nason but it is very possible. He wasn't above it. 
I mean he said he wasn't above killing little girls. What you just read were all his words. 

Zodiac sent this card with the 340 cipher. 

    In this card, he states I thought you would need a good laugh before you get the bad news. I think the good laugh was the 340 cipher and the bad news was hidden in it. Now I do think the 340 has a few uses besides what I found. If it were me I would have hidden multiple things in the code. I am still looking for cipher solutions by using different patterns in the code. 

At the end of the card, he wrote Des, July, Sept, Oct = 7. 

Some will say if you count the two known victims that lived with the 5 that died that makes seven and that is what he meant by this. No, he wasn't talking about the two that lived. 

Now let's look at his known victims

1.  Betty Jensen =  killed down the road from a golf course

2. David Faraday = killed with Betty Lou Jensen

3.  Darlene Ferrin = killed while parked at that same golf course

and yes Zodiac knew about this golf course 

(I also want to point out he started this letter with the word "Dear")

   4. Cecilia Shepard = While Cecelia was killed on the shores of a lake in a federal park there were golf courses in the area...there were also parks by the golf courses in the area of the other murder sites and I think that is the real pattern, People of opportunity in places he just happens to be in. Either, places he liked to be or places he had to be. Maybe his job related to these places or maybe he just liked being in places like that, 

5. Paul Lee Stine =  murdered beside a golf course.

     That is 5 victims so there are two we don't know about. Remember what the card said. I thought you would need a good laugh before you get the bad news. Then he hinted that he had killed two people we don't know about. Keep in mind the only reason we know these 5 murders were Zodiac murders were because he told us about them. 

So you count Cheri bates and that is 6 people we know he killed and I have seen enough proof to know he did kill Cheri Bates. 

So that leaves one more...Susan Nason 

The Message I found says "I took her, luv zodiac" 
(a common way to "end" a message just like "dear" is a common way yo start them)

    Again to see how and why I came to this go to the main page and read sections 1-8. I posted articles in detail. My first posts were simple and people said "oh he didn't show his work". Then I did these and people said well that's too confusing. That's way to complicated to be right. Well I have both simple posts and posts that go into every detail. People are always going to try to find a way to blow it off no matter what I do, but I did those so I could write articles like this. This article is just about the murder Susan Nason not the hows and whys of the codes. I have the hows and whys for those who want to find it and those that don't I can't please anyway so I'm not gonna try. So back to the point. 

                                          Here is an overlay of the 340 code with the map. 

      Now I have many people that witnessed different things I found at different times and can tell you I did not know about Susan when I found that and I predicted that Zodiac must have taken some girl from one of the locations marked on the map. Then I proceeded to look into these locations. 

    I looked into these locations and all of them marked golf courses and parks just like the places Zodiac killed his known victims. All I did was put them together and see what I found. I invite anyone else to try it. I may have made a mistake or you may find something I didn't. What is important is that you tried. I don't claim to have it all figured out. I just did it and shared it because if I kept it to myself it wouldn't benefit anyone. The only thing I got from doing this is criticism. Some good ..some bad..It could cause me problems in my life from those who seek to attack me. So you might wonder why I leave it up....because I strongly feel I am right. For better or for worse that is how I feel and I'll take whatever comes from it because it would bother me more if I did nothing, My family doesn't like that I do this. I have to speak to this because sometimes it does weigh on me but all I can do is show you what I did, why I did it, and what I found. That's all but back to Susan Nason. 

I looked at these locations and at the very first location marked 1 on the map I found this. 

    A lake, a park , a golf course. I think this is the real pattern to the Zodiac Killer. I think maybe 2 murders were crimes of passion. Cheri Bates I know because he implied it very strongly in his confession letter. Darlene Ferrin maybe but I don't know. It could have just been a murder of opportunity while he was out doing whatever it is he does in his life but we can figure a lot of those things out by examining his letters and clues. By establishing patterns. 

So I didn't look for a murder at this location right away. I was actually looking for something else when I came across this, 

San Francisco TimeLine- Zodiac Murders- Susan Nason

    This is a timeline of important events in the Bay area.You can click the link to view the original site.  I was scrolling through it to see what kind of big events had happened over the years when I got to 1969 and saw an unsolved murder right around two other Zodiac murders that took place at the exact position marked on the map. What are the odds of all of that. I admit it could be coincidence but come on. You can't say it isn't possible. I would like to see investigations into it but it may never happen. You never may.. Til then I can only do what I can. Find information and share it. 

So the card sent with the code said," I thought you would need a good laugh before you got the bad news. you won't get the news for a while yet"

The hidden message I found said, " I took her, luv Zodiac"

Using that same code I also found a marked location where a girl was taken, murdered, and found two months later..... you won't get the news for a while yet. ................all that with that one code. I think that is a lot.  

I could be wrong.......but what if I'm not? 
Either way it blew my mind I used that one code to find all of that. 

   In the 80's Susan's father was wrongly convicted for her murder and later released when DNA proved he was innocent. So at least they have DNA. I would like to see them compare it to the DNA in the Zodiac case. What do you have to lose by trying? All it can do is prove me wrong or connect another murder to the Zodiac and you never know...if it does match you might have evidence and clues in this case that breaks the Zodiac case wide open. Now some might say zodiac never kidnapped anyone...How the hell do you know?  People don't know as much about him as they think. I remind you again the only reason you know the known murders is because he wrote and told them he did it . If not for that police admit those cases would have never been connected and again if you want to take the Zodiac literally word for word as so many have jumped on me for coupling a different code with the map than the one he sent with the map (which makes perfect sense to me . He is messing with us and telling us what to do at the same time as many people do in different situations every day) then here is some more of the Zodiacs own words.

(I think he is giving us many hints and clues in this letter intentionally)

    You can say Zodiac never took credit for this crime. Well If my solution and findings are correct then yes he did. In the card he sent with the code I remind you again he wrote down some months and wrote = 7. In the very next letter he wrote Oct. to date I have killed seven people. In that very same letter he wrote this. 

     You don't know who he has killed, how many, where he killed them, when it happened...You don't know and it is sickening he did it with impunity and was never stopped and taken off the streets. It doesn't make him smart...It makes him lucky. It is entirely possible he killed this girl. I think other locations marked on the map could be places he planned to kill in the future. They could also be places he frequented. Getting pleasure thinking he is smarter than everyone else that he told us where he was but we couldn't figure it out. It just seems like something he would do to me and get pleasure from. I have found other murders in other sites marked. I read that there were 6 serial killers working in this area after the zodiac murders in the 70's but are we sure about that? Maybe we just didn't see the right pattern and a couple of those 6 serial killers were actually just one serial killer. One of the locations marked on the map was a golf course in San Mateo where bodies just kept turning up. One man was recently charged with a couple of these murders in recent years and convicted with DNA. That being said not all of them have been solved and they do think more than one person was responsible for these murders. Here is a link to the a recent article written last month about another man being charged with one of these crimes and talks about there possibly being more than one killer. I don't know if Zodiac was one of these men but the location was marked, murders did happen, and some of them are still unsolved. It also shows that just because these crimes are old that there is still hope for justice. 

So as of October I have killed 7 people. I wonder if he meant in that area or in his whole life. 

1 Cheri Bates
 (or maybe he meant someone in the Bay area)
2 Betty Jensen
3 David Faraday
4 Darlene Ferrin
5 Cecelia Shepard
6 Paul Lee Stine

According to that timeline of major events in the Bay Area that year there was only one other murder unsolved

7 Susan Nason

When Susan's body was found her head had been bashed in.

    We know he referenced this wheel from the a Tim Holt comic because of  a clue he left on the Halloween card. I read all of the comics and found many interesting things. The comics are about the old west, Native Americans, mysteries, disguises, and a story about a master of disguise who got caught by the new technology of fingerprints. Zodiac bragged about being a master of disguise and bragged he was to smart to leave fingerprints, I wonder where he got some of these ideas..hint-hint. Like in the letter he wrote he would shove splinters under their fingernails and put them in cages feeding them salt beef. I wonder where he got those ideas...I have heard of things like that before but most of those tortures are things we would hear about in stories about the old west. Read the comics and other sources to find where he got this bit of inspiration and we will find more about him.

     Like did you know collecting slaves for the afterlife is associated with headhunting and it may hit closer to home than you think. I have written a little about this and hope to do more in the future. Some of you could look into it. To find out more lookup headhunting in Wikipedia. One important clue in that letter....crooked cues and twisted shoes... We need to find out what that means. It is capitalized like a name or a place. You can find these exact words referenced somewhere else and I have asked people about it, but I am just going to leave you wondering. I hope up you look for yourself and maybe find something I couldn't in the process. Besides I am just one person. I wish I could research everything at once, but I can't. Imagine what a thousand researches could do. Looking for actual solid intelligence, Don't think that you can't help or think I couldn't do anything? Yes, you could. You put your pants on the same way I do. The same way Zodiac did. There is nothing special about me or him. You would be surprised what we could all do together.

We know Zodiac referenced this wheel describing different deaths because of what he wrote on the back of the Halloween card he sent to journalist Paul Avery.

Again he was referencing this wheel. It describes different ways to kill people. I am just going to let you use your imagination and "fill in the blanks" about what this all may mean.

The cards he sent are all full of actual clues.
One thing Zodiac never counted on....the internet and having all of this info at our fingertips.
Use it!!! There is real information out there if you look.

).The Crystal Springs Reservoir was dragged for evidence. Her body was found near the Chrystal Springs Golf Course. As I find new details I will add them in here.  

I have a special place in my heart for children and it bothers me someone would hurt and murder a young child. 

     Her whole life was before her and someone took it away. I can't help but try to imagine myself in her shoes. Wondering why this was happening to her. Probably begging and hoping her mother or father would save her. It actually brings a tear to my eye. Whoever did this wasn't a man. He was a coward and damn sure doesn't deserve an ounce of respect. One thing I bet kills the zodiac (he doesn't even deserve to have his name capitalized). He wrote his letters and codes for attention. To feel important ad while he may walk around thinking he is superior because it (which I think is his weakness) in the back of his mind it is still bothering him because no one will ever actually know who he was. He will never get the credit for fooling the police and committing these "brilliant" crimes. The only thing that will live on in history is.....nobody. Just a name with no one connected to it. At first, it probably delighted him that other people were credited with his "work" but still in his everyday life he probably never got the "respect" he felt he deserved. So the legend will remain but when the actual man dies his name will be erased and forgotten with the wind making everything he did ... pointless. It was pointless anyway but he did it for attention ...attention he will never get ..attention others a gleaning. You know every day of his life he had the urge to yell out,"it was me. I wrote all those codes and letters. I fooled you all and I am so much smarter and better than you". but in the end, he will be remembered for the nobody he actually was.

....Unless....he leaves a box to be opened after dies with all of the evidence. You know he kept it. Serial killers like him, they treasure that stuff more than gold. More than anything in their life so they can go back and look at it and relive their experiences. To remember that sense of high he got from committing these crimes. He wants people to know who he was but at the same time he is afraid of the consequences. Another reason he is nothing but a coward. A nobody that will never be remembered. So there is a very probable chance that there is a box with all the evidence that will turn up after the man dies unless someone throws it away by accident. Or else....what's the point if no one knows who you actually are. You know what...keep it to yourself don't deserve the attention .. you don't deserve to be remembered .. You name should die with you.

    You know if you were the Zodiac killer and you were still alive ..wouldn't you get online and see what people are writing about you? He may even be a member of one of your groups. You may have even talked to him. He is someone's next-door neighbor. Some girl working the check out counter at a supermarket has spoken to him a thousand times. Someone out there worked with him and sit next t him every day. I imagine he probably seemed like one of the nicest people in the world always willing to help someone in need...but when no one was looking.....

     If he is still know he is on the internet looking at Zodiac site...reading the words people type about him, He is just a man and as much as I would love to see him brought to justice....what is the point now. I think now a harsher sentence is that no one will ever know who he was and I think it is for the best. He doesn't deserve that attention he want so bad.

In memory of Susan Nason
Images Supplied By Chad Ophion Fletcher

Color by Richard Grinnel

More information may be added here later as it is found. 

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