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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Zodiac Killer Phrases, Words, and Speech Patterns

Zodiac Killer Phrases, Words, and Speech Patterns

This is useful for a few reasons.
1. Words and phrases he use tell us more about who he was
2. Speech patterns and words could help tell where he was from and help to compare to suspects words and speech patterns
3. Misspelled words could help us with words he misspelled in the code which makes them harder to solve. A lot I think he did on purpose because he used correct spelling in other places and some could just be normal errors one makes when writing (which we all do)

Phrases and words The Zodiac used that I find interesting. 
These may be added to over time and I may add notes to why I think some are interesting. 


Why are there quotations in places where there are no words?(I think this is an overlay key and these quotations mean I have to go back and see if these may relate to that in any way)

Misspelled words used by the Zodiac Killer. 

This may be added to or corrected every time I study the Zodiac killer letters. 

                                                                   already = allready

anialating = anilating 

blubber = bluber

blue meanie = blue meannies (a term taken from the Beetles)

blue pigs = a term he used 

brunette = brownett

                                                                  buses = busses

busy = bussy

shall = a word he liked to use (which i think tells us something about him)

buttons = butons

                                                                        cycles = cicles

comedy = comidy (also I find it interesting he used the word "saterical")

                    complete = complet ( then marked out as to correct it but could mean something else like a marker for something.

disconnect = disconect

considerably = considerbly

control = controol

couple = coupple

cruise = cruze

                                           spelled correctly i just find it interesting he used it

                                                                           do = doo

drowning = drownding ( could be misspelled on purpose or this might be how he actually pronounced it which could give some idea of where he was from) 

dungeon = dungon

effective = efective

idiot = idiout  phrases = phraises enthusiastic = inthusastic

extremely = extreamly

fiddle + fart (interesting words he used)

                                                                      figure = figgure

front = frunt

Friday = Fry

happen = hapen

Christmas = Christmass (but this is actually a word in some places)

hours = howers

humorest = hummerest

identity = idenity

not sure what this is right now

inflicting spelled correctly but I find it interesting how he sometimes separates words like (in flicting)

interesting = intersting

lose = loose

lying = lyeing

                                                                   curious = cerous

minutes = minuts

motor cycles = motor cicles

I find it interesting he used this word and not something more offensive 

nose = noze    rubbed = rubed

                                                  organist = orginast (reversed i and a)

I find it interesting he used the term "peeled rubber" and spelled "rubber" correctly

please = pleass   or maybe pleas = pleass (i have to reread letters)

possibly = posibly

promised = promiced

provinces = provences ( I find it interesting he used this word though it could have been part of the original mikado play. I have to check. either way it is interesting he remembered how this went word for (almost basically) word. I think he had the words to this readily for reading. 

                                                               serenader = seranader

                                                                    scene = cene

                                                                 shaking = shakeing  (you will notice he either does this on purpose or is just writing and not thinking about spelling because at other times we will drop the e when adding ing but in a lot of cases does not. This shows he knows the correct spelling but why he does this is the question. on purpose or accident? either was you must look for misspellings like this in the codes.

silowets = silhouettes

singularly = singurly    anomaly = abnomily (maybe abnormally)

so as you see (interesting words he chose for reasons I will explain later)

suicide = sucide

                                                                       sunday = sun

until = untill

sure = shure

switches = swiches

territory = teritory

thought = though

                                                                trigger = triger

twitched = twiched

Twisted Shoes ( very interesting words he used and they care capitalized like the name of a place)

twitch = twich

uncompromising = uncompromiseing 

until = untill

using = useing

pestilential = pestulentual      nuisances = nucences        write = whrite

victim = victom (he spelled this correctly other times which shows a lot of this is on purpose)

interesting phrases and words 

Whatchamacallit(candybar) = wachamacallit
thingamabob(yes an actual thing) = thingmebob
you can google those two if you don't believe me and my spell check recognized them 

wondering (as in curious) spelled as wandering (as in lost)

waiting = wateing    paradise = paradice (which I think is a hint to something)

waving = waveing


                                                                   wiping = wipeing

woman = woeman

need to do more research on this


= 7 meaning he killed 7 people . He stated this was what he meant in a letter. Registered & Protected

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