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Monday, January 22, 2018

Does the Zodiac Killer Have a Connection to the E Clampus Vitus??

                                                You can click the link below to check out the eBook that has the most important aspects of this site along with many other things that you will not find posted anywhere on the internet. 

            Sometimes I like to go read the posts and comments on the zodiac ciphers facebook group. Sometimes it gives me a little boost of ambition. Sometimes it gets me down also when I post something of mine and no one has no idea what I am talking about lol. Here is one of those really good finds no one will pay any attention. I have seen a lot of evidence that suggests Zodiac had an interest in secret societies. It doesn't mean he was a mason or anything but he could have been. There are offshoots of masons by different names. There are masonic groups they call "Clandestine Masons" or so I am told by some Masons. The told me some things I would really like to repeat but I promised I wouldn't. I showed some masons some Zodiac things and they agreed he had an influence of somke kind by some group or secret society. Maybe he was a wannabe, maybe some of his friends were in a secret society and he felt left out and was jealous. Maybe he was in a masonic group and took it way to far. Either way it is just one of many outside influences that made the man who he was.
  In the induction ceremony a man dresses up kind if like zodiac did at lake Berryessa and they act out the murder of a fellow named Hiram who was stabbed and bludgeoned to death. Mason take their vows of secrecy seriously and I don't blame them. I don't believe in a masonic conspiracy to take over the world....but it the group can be used as a tool for such things. In most towns across america there are masonic lodges and usually the most prominent people in the town join the lodge. It is a good way to meet other prominent people for business deals and what not. Anyone can be a mason. You just have to be a good standing member in society and believe in a god. It doesn't matter what god jsut as long as you believe in a higher power. I can respect that. Our country was founded on the same principals by masons. I could write a book just that but I have to stay on subject. Everyone believes groups like the masons are trying to take over the world (i think they did a long time ago lol ) and that masons have power the break the law and such ( which in a way isnt to far from the truth) if some of your mason buddies are police or judges (which is more common than you might think) but chances are they would lock your ass up. lol Still that is what a lot of people think and so someone like the Zodiac may be drawn to try to join groups like that so he can get in on the action. (or at least in his own head)
  The Odd Fellows are a masonic group. Here is some images of one of their costumes for their rituals which is really similar to one of the costumes wore in a Masonic Induction ceremony. They may be the exact same I really don't know. They try to keep this stuff secret but there are ways to find out and give it a realistic look.

                 The whole Lake Berryessa Scene has always bugged me more than anything else. You can learn a lot if you pay attention . The story Zodiac gave Hartnell about breaking out of a prison in Montana always sounded like the plot to an old Western. Zodiac was into old westerns as made obvious by the Tim Holt comic which I will talk a little more about later. The mask he wore always felt like something used in a ceremony from a secret society. Comic books could also have some influence here.
   What bugs me the most about the mask is that Brian Hartnell said it was a quality made mask. Nor like something home made and the Zodiac symbol on the bib was quality. That doesn't mean it wasn't done at home...and I think the Zodiac himself made the mask. He wouldn't risk having someone else make it because that would be a witness. That is obvious as well known as the mask is. If someone had been payed to make the mask they would have surely come forth. It wasn't something that was mass produced of we would know that by now. All we can do is find similar masks and costumes like the one above. Some of them are really detailed pieces of work and I will be on the hunt for them .
 I always said though the mask is one of the biggest keys to catching the man. Find out where the mask was made. He had to have access to the machines and materials to make the mask unless he was super good with a singer sewing machine (like I am). I find the slower you go the better the piece will turn out. I am in the process of creating a replica mask to see what I can learn from it.
    Lets say Zodiac made the mask himself (which is obvious) . Do you realize how much that tells us about him? He had to have some kind of experience in such things. I think he was a man of many talents who was extremely bored. When really smart people get really bored they tend to get in trouble. I would be interested in knowing what kind of shops around the bay area had the resources to make such masks. Where they were, who ran them, what kind of work they did. There is a lot of evidence that link zodiac to the theater also. A place where the people to make such costumes would ...hang out. Sometime I would like to dedicate all my time to just finding info and links to this mask.

                                             Here are some cards sent by the Zodiac.

                                           I will show you what is important about these in just a bit. First here is a group photo of a secret masonic society in the bay area called  The E Clampus Vitus.

            Interesting symbols on that monument. I want you to pay attention to the little 7 inside the circle on the bottom left of the monument. That is a very common Masonic symbol. I have seen this symbol on one of the Zodiac card. I have asked Masons what they means but they said they couldn't tell me. I will find out though . I have a few more images to add with that symbol .

           Here is another symbol used by this group.

                       Remind you of anything ? I don't know a lot about this group but the intention of this post os to collect information about the E Clampus Vitus, who they are, what they do, some meaning behind their symbology and so forth. So over the next couple of weeks this post will grow. This is just the start of a draft . Something for me to build from. I am not feeling well tonight. I actually haven't felt well for a while.
        None of this is all that important but it could be. The next things I am going to show you is what made me look at this group.

            On the face of it this card is an taunt to the police telling them to stop dragging ass. What is funny about it is it is also a clue hiding right in plain site.Everyone can see the Don Quixote joke on the card but something else is hiding right in plain sight.  Notice the pick axe and digging equipment.
Notice the guy on the ass, his hat, shirt, jeans. This is a symbol for a secret society and one that is only in one area. The E Clampus Vitus of California.

              I have some more I will add in here later but Now I want you to take a look at the group photo again.

   I am not saying anyone here is a serial killer , but one may have been influenced by them in some way. Here is another heavy piece of evidence pointing to this group that is on one of the Zodiac killer cards.

              This card this came from has masonic symbols all over it. I have a post that talks about the different masonic connections. Researching that was how I found this group. Par a dice.

                     The E Clampus Vitus have a lodge that is called the Pair a Dice lodge. Here is a snip showing a little more on that.


               I will find out more about all of that for this post. I am very curious about these guys and I have a hunch about something. The snip from this Zodiac Card also has a connection to a comic book. The Tim Holt comic. It is a comic book that has old western stories mixed with comic type scenarios. I am actually working on going through all of them and posting the most interesting things I find which I have found some pretty cool things in the other comics. What is interesting is the connection this card has with the comic. (by fire , by knife, by rope , by gun) ....connects it with the Masons. ..

                          Legend has it this wheel was made for king Solomon. The same king Solomon that the whole Masonic society is built around. I will talk more about that later. I also think this wheel has something the do with the wheel I found on the map with the 340 overlay and the radians. Another idea of mine that no one pays any attention to but I promise you that one day people will..because I feel very strongly there is something important to it .

This is intriguing. 

                           I will have to look into this more to find some history. From what I have seen is is some kind of ancient code or a key to a code. That is very interesting. For now I am posting a link to this site, It is all about this wheel, history, masonic connections. I like this guy. He may have some useful info for me. I would like to talk to him.

     I want to find out more about this symbol. There is something to this. He chose it for a reason that is personal to him. If we figure that out we may gain a valuable insight. I will start looking for an listing information on this symbol

     That is it for now. Tomorrow I will clean this up and start researching to add more to it. I have about 5 other projects I am working on also. Registered & Protected

Friday, January 5, 2018

Examples of Military and Government Grid Overlays and Other Such Things In Relation to Zodiac Killer Research

The Zodiac Killer Enigma

                                         Examples of Government Grid Overlays and Other                                                                                  Such Things In Relation to Zodiac Killer Research

            This was sent to me by Hanna Kyla-Junnila. This Section I am going to be posting notes and examples on-grid and how to map overlay. I am also going to be doing some research on the E Clampus Victus to go in this section. I have found pretty good evidence in the Zodiac letters and cards pointing to them. They are a secret Masonic Society who uses all the symbology. I have found Masonic Symbology on multiple Zodiac killer cards. They use one symbol that is unique only to them and that is an old prospector with a pickax in a brown hat, red button-up shirt, blue jeans, beard with a donkey. The same "symbol" can be found on the Zodiac Killer Dragon card. They have a lodge in the Bay area in Paradise Ca. (which I think other zodiac researchers have mentioned that place but never noticed these symbols or this lodge). The name of their lodge is the Par-a-dice lodge. Spelled just that way like in the back of the Zodiac killer Halloween card. The E Clampus Victus is dedicated to preserving and protecting historic places in California. To be more specific gold mines and anything to do with them. Which makes me wonder about the places Zodiac attacked at. I am willing to bet thought this society has some experience in old maps and overlays and maybe even treasure hunting. I am not saying he was one...I am not saying he wasn't either. I don't know but I have seen enough evidence to make me take a serious closer look at them to see if he did have some kind of influence by them. So I am just making a prediction here. This post is just going be notes and examples of maps, map overlaying and map grid overlaying. I am willing to bet if I look hard enough I will find some stuff like that related to this group.

         This example came from a PDF put out by FEMA. It is a more recent publication but still relative. It shows that it is a known and used idea. It gives me a direction to start looking for more older examples and I may even find possible examples that influenced Zodiac to make a map grid overlay. We already know he used overlays. Every Zodiac expert out there has confirmed that and don't even realize it. He had to use a projector or lightbox with a grid overlay to create the 340 cipher. I have read several things that talk about him using something like that to create the 340. Then when you overlay the bomb drawing on the Philips 66 map you realize it is an obvious map overlay. I actually think it was meant to be an obvious map overlay to give us a clue to map overlaying in one just noticed it...until I came along. I think you use the 340 to find the radians he mentioned. So here I will post notes and examples on map overlays to use in other work in the future.
 I ask this in many posts and I always hope the right eyes with experience in these areas read my stuff and send me stuff related to this. If you have knowledge o know of anything like this please send it to me. It is impossible for one person to know everything and all the things that make up a person. I don't know the things Zodiac did in his daily life who made him who he was. All I can do is try to figure them out form his clues and learn from it. Thank you for all your help Hanna.

                                             Example of Grid Overlaying From FEMA

                        I just saw something that really bugged me. I had a site booked marked to read a pdf on a crypto army field manual. I went back to read it and they had taken it down. So from now on, I will be downloading things as soon as I find them. There is a chance I did save it and a chance I can find it somewhere else...but why take it down??? I will be adding new material to this as I find it including whole manual pdf's.

                                            This is a snip from an Army Field Manual

                                        Click here to download this army field manual on map reading etc..,

                                          Click here to view pdf on army field manual cryptography

                                 Here is an example of an old map overlay I found in the Library of Congress' online records. It is a great example of a Military map overlay. It was used during the civil war during the siege of Petersburg 1864-65.


                               Military pdf giving instructions on how to make a simple map overlay


                                          Look at the symbol for the coordinating point.

                                  Here is another military pdf showing definitions, symbols, and rules.


                         It is 500 pages and way to large and unnecessary to post it all but there is a link to it. It also defines rules for creating a symbol.

                                       This document states that an overlay must have at least two reference marks at opposite locations for alignment. The bomb drawing on the map overlay does.

                                            Look at the symbol for the coordinating point.

                     This is making me rethink the symbols on the zodiac 340 code/map overlay.

                           I am just going to go through and cherry-pick some information from this pdf. Just to show certain symbols were used by the military as possible reference sources. It will take me a while to read through all of the definitions for pertinent information.


                 Here is another pdf kind of like the 5 page one I posted above but it is 143 pages.

   Even though some of this information is newer it doesn't matter as things like this don't really change that much. That being said I am always on the lookout for older stuff.


                      Here is a link to a site that has a slide show on this subject with links to more information on it. I haven't got to look at it yet so, for now, I am just posting a link.

                          A link to another site with relative info I will go through.

   A link to a site that shows basically what is in these pdfs. Later I will do work on the history of it all....which is where I should find some really good stuff.

                                         One more link I want to post for future study.
                           This one has a program for making military map overlays.


                             Now I know places I can start looking....more to come......

                     I also want to look for old maps, treasure maps, gold mine maps, etc..., overlays which are a high possibility in the state of California and Nevada. I also want to look for examples in old comic books. I have gone through the Holt comics and I have a lot of stuff to post about that when I find the time.

I also hope to use my lightbox in this section to show how these overlays were used and made.

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