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Friday, December 6, 2019

The Story of what Happens When You Do anything To Do With The Zodiac Killer Done Completely With Other Peoples Comments and Messages (A Behavioral Social Study Into the World of the Zodiac)


                             In many ways, this is far more fascinating that the Zodiac himself.

  I thought I would do a fun little project to show the world what happens when you try to do anything with the word "Zodiac Killer" in it. It is going to be a kind of journey of some of the things I have experienced. though 99 percent of the feedback I get encouraging, I wanted to show some of the things you might receive from some out there.

         This may prepare you for some of the things you should expect and maybe even give you a little advice on how to deal with it. No matter what you do, there is going to be a small percentage of people that are going to be upset. they may even track you down and harass you. If they get to out of hand, and they say things that may seem threatening or just plain crazy in some cases, always report it to the police.

      The first thing you do is just to ignore it. there are going to be people who will get violently upset and want to force you to either say so and so was the Zodiac Killer, or want you to take your articles down and replace them with their own, and so forth. You will run across a litany of people like this who have never-ending reasons for, well to be honest, childish.

    Now, some of these people are simply just immature and may experience growth in maturity as they get older. Some will not. Others will act out from a plethora of human emotions. Jealousy and fear can do weird things to people, even when they have no valid reason for feeling these emotions. this is a by-product of the relatively new way we communicate through social media, but I have a feeling those days are about to come to an end as regulation and new laws governing "cyberspace" emerge.

   People become very brave when they don't have to look another person in the eye, but the thing they always seem to forget is, unlike reality, your words don't disappear into the wind. they are here forever, almost written in stone, sp to speak.

  We have all been guilty of this from time to time, but realizing it is the first step to stopping it. When you realize that 50 years from now, your children or grandchildren may get curious about their ancestors. Unlike us, they will be able to go back and see the things you did, were interested in and said.

   At first, these things may upset you and you might be tempted into, "putting someone in their place".  I would caution against this. That is what they want you to do. That is referred to as "baiting". And some of these guys are "Masterbaiters". It is all they do all of the time. That is the only joy they get in life. Miserable people want everyone else to be miserable too. Do not fall for it. So, just ignore them. If you don't "feed the troll" then it will starve to death.  Do not even acknowledge them.

   I will insert a couple of quotes in this section a little later about arguing with people that may be helpful to some.

   Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everyone is free to do their own thing. they are not free to attempt to extort, force, threaten or harass other individuals into doing whatever it is they are demanding of them, which you will see what I mean as this post grows and the story goes on and new comments and messages are posted. Some of it is really surprising. In a way, this is way more interesting than the Zodiac Killer himself, as it goes into the study of human nature.

  I also want to stress that sometimes you may encounter a person who is simply just mentally ill and can not see the wrong some of the things they say or do. They may take it to the point that it is dangerous. If you receive messages, emails, texts, or even phone calls from any individual who is threatening you, threatening your family, who conveys you any actions that may be illegal. such as stalking someone they consider to be a suspect, report it immediately to the police and FBI, then block this person. Whatever you do, never respond to it. With all of that being said, let us begin this study and story with our first post.

 This is usually how it begins. You will find something cool or interesting you want to share with your community. It may be something new or it may be a subject that most are familiar with. So, you will post it in the hopes of having a fulfilling conversation with intelligent people only to receive a comment like this...

   Now, this was just a simple post. The commenter knows this and to supply more detail, the poster would have to write an entire article. Which we will get into on my next post and then show you what kind of comments or messages you will receive once you "supply more details" and post them. The commentator could have respectfully asked the poster these questions, but he did not. Instead, he ended his comment with a veiled insult. Why?

   After you supply more details by writing an article somewhere, because you can not do it on a facebook post, then share it, this is when the name-calling will start. We will get into that on my next post. Most of the things I will be showing you are things I have received myself, some will not be. Either way, this study into human nature will be interesting and may even help others who will encounter these issues in the future. It may even make some people "grow up".

   We will also be posting and referencing studies that have been done about this behavior along with professional advice where it is relevant. This will be a fun and very useful project over the next year. This is something that truly fascinates us here and some will find some of this truly shocking. When the project is completed, we will then write it up into a paper to be published.

   We don't get upset about such things here. We study them and I have quite a file saved.



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